Why Purple Grandma?

It started years ago when my high school age daughter and her friend were chatting with me around the dining room table.   We were discussing the use of grammatically correct speech and writing in society, or rather the lack of it.  The girls grew animated as one after another they pointed out egregious grammatical errors in signs, articles and conversations.  Finally my daughter blurted out, “Why can’t people just use proper grammar?”  Only what I heard was, “Why can’t people just use Purple Grandma?”

We laughed and joked that I was going deaf, and then my daughter commented that since I loved purple so much and would someday be a grandma, that I should call myself Purple Grandma.

Several years have passed since then and I am indeed a grandma.  We hosted a young family in our home for several weeks last year.  Their darling little daughter noticed that I had lots of purple in my life.  She had trouble saying my name but Purple Grandma rolled easily off her tongue…and so the name stuck.

Pretty simple, but now you know why I’m Purple Grandma!

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