This Plague of Mosquitos

So what’s with all of the mosquitoes lately?  Yes, I know it’s been raining…..a lot, and I’m told the larva lie dormant in the ground until the right conditions allow them to hatch (don’t quote me on that…I haven’t verified it.) But honestly, I’ve never seen them swarm and congregate and CHASE people as they have been these past weeks.  Doing almost anything outside requires a liberal application of bug repellant and finding somebody to help with weeding is next to impossible under current conditions.  My beautiful annuals and perennials unleash an entire scourge of the nasty critters each time I walk past, much less try and water my flowers. (And yes, I did look it up.  A group of mosquitoes is called a scourge or a swarm.  Scourge describes it better as far as I’m concerned!) Several friends have mused about why the mosquitoes cling to our doors, and I certainly cannot provide an answer to that one.  The pesky, pokey, pirates (they steal our blood, after all) lurk and attack whenever we go in or out of our doors.  It’s like we have a plague of mosquitoes.

The idea of plagues caused my mind turn to Moses and the children of Israel in Egypt as recorded for us in Exodus chapters 7 – 12. Four of the ten plagues brought inordinate infestations of creatures – frogs, lice (or gnats,) flies, and locusts.  The frogs hopped into every bed, every oven, every bathroom.  They covered the floors and jumped through windows so that one could not walk, sit, or lie down without a frog being there first.  Tiny bugs (there’s some question about what the term lice means) crawled into every crack, every surface so there was no escape. Buzzing, annoying flies swarmed people, places, and countryside so thickly that they covered the ground. The crepitatious cacophony of copious, teeming locusts deafened the Egyptians while darkening the ground with a seething blanket of movement. Their relentless devouring destroyed all vegetation.  We’re blessed to live in a farming area.  It would be personally and economically catastrophic for folks in the area to be hit by a plaque that destroyed all vegetation.

So what have I learned from all this musing? That God is always in control.  No matter how clever, or how smart, or how conniving someone may be, God is still in charge.  How many times did Pharaoh “repent” and give his permission for the Israelites to leave before hardening his heart and changing his mind? He would see the destruction God brought on the Egyptians in each plague and he KNEW God had told him that plague was coming if Pharaoh would not allow God’s people to leave as God had commanaded, yet he persisted in demanding his stubborn way.  Scary, isn’t it?  Do I do that?  If I’m honest I have to answer that I do at times. So meditating on the plagues has caused me to evaluate my own thoughts and actions.  Do I truly want God to have control in my life?  Then I had better hear what He has to tell me and obey His loving leadership.

Just because a “plague” comes into my life doesn’t mean that it’s a result of disobedience.  But we all have blind spots so when troubles come on us we should, we need, to earnestly ask God to show us if we’re missing something He is trying to tell us.  God removed the plagues when Moses asked him to.  We need to ask for God’s help when troubles come into our lives.

Oh, and I’m also praying that these mosquitoes go away too!

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