Mount Up on Wounded Wings by Beneth Peters Jones

The book Mount Up on Wounded Wings: for Women from Hurtful Home Backgrounds by Beneth Peters Jones (BJU Press, 1994), is a tremendous resource for women.  Many women, both in ministry and in the pew, have encountered genuine abuse in their lives.  Because of shame, fear, or embarrassment, these incidents are often not dealt with, or not dealt with properly.  This 95 page paperback book biblically and delicately encourages women to turn to the Lord for help and healing.

The author reminds us that often we cannot control what happens to us but we always have a choice about our response to our circumstances. Facing our requirement to respond biblically to abuse can be challenging due to the nature of abuse and the difficulty in reopening painful experiences.  In Mount Up on Wounded Wings, Mrs. Jones thoroughly but very gently bathes the reader in Scripture and encourages each one to address and deal with hurtful pasts in a God-pleasing manner.  Her tone causes the reader to sense a loving arm around the shoulder in guiding us to the Lord in this area.

Never graphic and always tender in her application of Scripture, Mrs. Jones sympathetically suggests that wounded ladies may have to read the book slowly, setting it aside for a time after applying the biblical salve, and returning to the book for the next step after prayerfully seeking God’s help with overcoming past pain.  She points us to our loving Heavenly Father and Great Physician who bind up our wounds and bring healing to our souls.

This book is well worth owning and is an excellent tool in helping women who grew up with any kind of abuse. This book is available new through Bob Jones University Press (, and other online booksellers such as

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