“How’s your prayer life?”

How’s Your Prayer Life?

“How’s your prayer life?”  It was a simple question jotted in a note of encouragement from a sister in the Lord I barely know. She was eagerly sharing what God was teaching her through her church’s recent messages.

“How’s your prayer life?” A simple question yet it stuck with me and resonated in my thoughts for days after.  I had been renovating my prayer life lately, praying more specifically, more fervently, more for others, more consistently, more thoughtfully.  Yes, I was working on my prayer life but if I were to answer the question honestly I would have to say my prayer life needs work.

Sometimes God makes it clear that He’s trying to tell me something special through a convergence of events.  I’m not talking about a mystical, extra-biblical sort of special revelation, but rather a reinforcement of biblical truths and principles.

The first reminder came in our Sunday School course on Christian discipleship where we just finished the section on prayer.  Prayer is communication to God.  Check.  We pray to the Father in the name of our Savior, our Master.  Got that.  Our prayers should be biblical.  Understood.  Prayer is worshipping God for Who He is, not just a list of requests for things I want. Yep, supported in Scripture.  Prayer is our delight not merely a duty.  Hmmm.  I sometimes fall short on having that as my attitude.

The second came as I was reading in Psalms 99. The psalm recounts how Moses and Aaron and Samuel all called out to the Lord – they prayed.  Verses 6 and 8 tell us these men called out to the Lord and He answered them.  I was struck that at times I do not have faith to believe that God will answer me.  Maybe it’s fear that He won’t answer as I hope or expect or maybe I have somehow lost sight of how omnipotent, how omniscient, how sovereign He truly is.

The third was that pointed question, “How’s your prayer life?”  God spoke to my heart.  My prayer life needed improvement.

God was bringing these things to my attention to encourage me and help me grow in this area of prayer. I was reminded that God delights in fellowship with His children. I shouldn’t be surprised that the process of sanctification in my life includes working on my communication to my heavenly Father, even after all these years that I’ve been His child! I’m excited to be learning and growing in this vital area of my Christian life.

I hope your prayer life is vibrant and encouraging and full of wonderful answers to prayer.  So, to copy my encourager let me ask you, “How’s your prayer life?”

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