Biblical Portrait of Womanhood by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Biblical Portrait of Womanhood by Nancy Leigh DeMoss was first published in 1999 and is now in its eleventh printing.  This booklet, subtitled Discovering and Living out God’s Plan for Our Lives, was written as a biblical response to the feminist worldview which has permeated society these past few decades and has lead so many professing Christian woman into distress.


The booklet is divided into two parts.  Part one is entitled ‘Examining our walk in the light of Scripture.’  A series of main questions prompt the reader to examine short biblical passages, followed by questions that apply the verses to everyday living.  These sub-questions in section one include: ‘Why was I created as a woman?’ ‘What makes a beautiful woman?’ ‘How does a woman of God conduct herself?’ ‘What is God’s plan for me as a wife?’ ‘How does God want to use me in others’ lives?’


‘Building Our Homes with Wisdom’ is the topic of part two.  This section is set up so that the reader selects from two choices, one that reflects biblical teaching and one that reflects worldly thinking. The three sections ask ‘Do my ATTITUDES. WORDS, ACTIONS “build up”……..or “tear down”?’  Thought provoking options show whether the reader is following biblical principles or has adopted the world’s view in a number of areas.


This booklet is easy to read, short (29 pages,) and biblical in its perspective. Thoughtful questions require women to examine each Bible passage listed.  The verses Nancy Leigh DeMoss includes make it clear to the reader what a woman’s thoughts or behavior should be according to Scripture.  Her pointed questions also display how women may have adopted non-biblical responses in everyday living.


This booklet is a must-read for any woman who is willing to look honestly at Bible passages that speak of genuine biblical womanhood.  It’s always beneficial to examine a spiritual checklist to see if our thoughts and actions line up with God’s Word. 

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