The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

The Excellent Wife a Biblical Perspective by Martha Peace is a book I recommend for Christian women today. Based on Proverbs 31, the book deals clearly and succinctly with the biblical pattern for Christian women in numerous areas of life.


The twenty-one chapters of the book are divided into four sections. Section one contains six chapters and deals with the Christian’s broader understanding of basic truths such as God, sin, God’s pattern for relationships, and understanding God’s purpose in marriage. The second section, also six chapters, focuses more directly on the wife’s responsibilities: to Christ, in her home, to love in a godly manner, and scriptural respect. Delving deeper into the Scriptures, Mrs. Peace examines five aspects of biblical submission in section three. Included in this section are chapters dealing with the tongue, a quiet spirit, and God’s purpose for submission. The final four chapters hone in on sin problems women frequently face, what God says about them, and how to overcome them in a godly manner.

The Excellent Wife is a biblically based women’s Bible study book. The women in our church expressed great appreciation for the book and its emphasis. Our study group included married ladies, teens, single and divorced women. Because Mrs. Peace takes great pains to support all she says with the clear teaching of the Bible, there is great benefit for all age groups and categories.

The companion study guide that is available is divided into twenty-four lessons corresponding with chapters or portions of chapters in the book. The guide poses simple questions based on the text and specific scriptures. Each lesson also contains thought provoking personal questions requiring the student to apply what has been taught in that section.

The Excellent Wife is currently in print and can be purchased from local Christian bookstores as well as from book services such as CBD. Its biblical focus and thought provoking presentation make it well worth reading and adding to your library.

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