Memories of a Godly Mother

Mother’s thin hand lay weakly in mine as she drifted in and out of consciousness.  Very soon now her earthly end would usher her into the presence of her beloved Saviour.  What a blessing her life had been to me these past forty plus years!

The week prior to her home going was a time of joyous fellowship for mom and me.  The ravages of both cancer and treatments had left her unable to perform even the simplest task and her damaged body required unnatural amounts of sleep.  During her waking moments Mom recounted her salvation experience and reminisced with me as I recalled kneeling with her one sunny fall afternoon while she lead me to Christ.  As she slept in a hospital bed in my childhood living room, I reflected on her faithfulness in her daily fellowship with God and her concern for the souls of others.

To the very end her weakened voice was full of praises to the Lord for all His kindness and goodness. Until no longer physically able to leave the house, mother made it her main priority to be in the Lord’s house and with God’s people.  In her last days, God’s people came to her.  Former Sunday School, VBS and Bible Club students lined up to thank mom for her influence in their lives.  My heart thrilled as I heard over and over from others how she had encouraged the discouraged, lead sinners to the Lord, supported missionaries, prayed for the lost and ill, wept with the bereaved, and rejoiced with others at God’s blessing in the midst of their trials.

In her final hours Mother’s testimony of joy in the midst of intense suffering remained strong.  Neighbors, business associates, church family and friends phoned or stopped by to say goodbye to her.  Mom was careful to thank each caller or visitor for his concern, then asked how they were doing.  Learning of a special burden or need she would earnestly comment, “Let’s pray about that,” and she immediately would launch into prayer.

My mom, Janet Auhl, finished her earthly course on June 7, 2003, unwavering in her faith to the end.  I praise God for such a godly mother.  I miss you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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