Mrs. Manoah – Biblical Example of an Encouraging Helper

Mrs. Manoah – Biblical Example of an Encouraging Helper is used in conjunction with the lesson on God’s Plan from Creation:  Helper.

We know very little about the parents of Samson, the judge of Israel, except that they are called Manoah and his wife.

In Judges 13 we read of God’s interaction with Samson’s parents.  The angel of the Lord (pre-incarnate Christ) appears to Mrs. Manoah informing this previously barren woman that she and her husband will have a son who will be used of God in a particular way.  She did not question this proclamation but with care repeated the news to Manoah.  Interestingly, Manoah did not question or doubt her news but somberly requests that God send the messenger back to instruct them more specifically how to rear this child to be a Nazarite.

God honors Manoah’s request and reiterates to him to follow the instructions previously given to Mrs. Manoah.  In the custom of the day Manoah urges the angel stay while a meal is prepared for Him, not knowing that God Himself stood before them.  The angel agrees to stay only if the meal is offered as a burnt offering to the Lord. The meal is prepared and set upon an altar as a burnt offering to God.  As the flames from the altar consumed the offering, this simple couple was amazed and awed to watch as the angel ascends to heaven in the flames.

In light of this miraculous revelation of God to the couple, Manoah convinces himself that God is going to kill them because they have seen the Holy God of Israel.  Judges 13:23 gives his wife’s response – one of faith and encouragement.  The faith? Mrs. Manoah believed God would do the things He told her, no questions asked. The encouragement?  She plainly and simply reminded Manoah that God would not have given them these blessings and instructions about the birth and rearing of a son if He was planning to kill them.  She acted in these circumstance simply and quietly as an encouraging helpmeet to her husband.

Mrs. Manoah served her husband as a biblical helpmeet in this passage.  He was overwhelmed with the knowledge of his own position as a sinner before a holy God.  His wife did not rant and rave accusing him of bringing God’s wrath upon them or tell him he was tempting God by asking God to send the angel back to explain things to them.  She didn’t scoff at his fears or sneer at him for being weak or faithless.  She simply reminded him what God had told them and encouraged him that God would not give this wonderful news of blessing and instruction if He had planned to kill them.

What about us?  We all know that our  husbands sometimes have moments of doubt or discouragement.  How do we behave toward them when these times come?  We should remind ourselves of God’s promises, cling to them and claim them.  As God gives us opportunity we need to encourage our husbands in the person and work of the God they love and serve.  With God’s help and grace we can be encouraging helpers to our husbands.

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