Blind Spots

Blind SpotsThanks for your patience

This is my first post in several months.  I have been dealing with some debilitating health issues and want to thank everyone who has been praying for me.  Through the oversight of a wonderful family doctor, and by God’s grace,  I am learning to make positive health changes.  Recently I’ve seen some improvement in my health, and I thank God for it.  

During these months of being set aside I have had to “be still and know that I am God.”  God has brought to my attention some areas in my life that needed correcting.  These blind spots, some of them long-standing, prompted the thoughts for this post.

If you are part of my Lighthouse Baptist Church family, you will notice that some of the upcoming posts are duplicates of the ‘Lights for Ladies’ on the church’s Facebook page.

Blind Spots

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Of course I’m quick-tempered – I’m a redhead!”    That sort of thinking is simply justifying sinful behavior.  Thoughtful people can see that statement is the result of wrong thinking.

But what about us?  Have you ever had an ‘aha’ moment when you have realised that something you have been doing or thinking has been a real blind spot in your life?  I have.  Maybe it’s a habit, or a thought pattern, or a characteristic, but it’s something we regularly indulge in and somehow do not think of as being wrong.

A Christian’s goal is to glorify God in everything.  We should be praying that God would change us and conform us to the image of Christ. In answer to that prayer God may reveal some blind spots in our behaviour.  Discovering things about ourselves that are real flaws or hindrances can be very painful.

What should we do once a blind spot has been revealed to us?  There is a temptation to respond emotionally by indulging in the feelings of, “How could I have been so blind to this fault?” or “Why couldn’t I see this before?”  Instead of wallowing in these negative emotions we need to ask God to help us overcome the blind spot, as well as the negative emotions, in His power.  We need to be careful not to become so introspective that we no longer focus on God and His will for us.

God offers forgiveness – accept it and go on, but understand there are sometimes consequences for the behavior caused by our blind spots.  We need to be willing to deal honestly with possible consequences in the power of God.  But most of all we need to go on.

By finally recognizing a blind spot we can rejoice that a loving heavenly Father cares enough to help us become more like the Son.  Thank God for the opportunity to serve Him and grow in Him when He brings these blind spots to our attention.

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