Friday’s Fave Five #10

FFF tulips

This weekly exercise has forced me to stop and think about the many, many, blessings in my life.  Sadly I find that my mind quickly jumps to problems, injustices, or needs much more quickly than to counting my many blessings.  Thanks, Susanne for hosting FFF!

This past week my constant companion has been the dread pirate…I mean the dreadful cold which has been circulating and pouncing on innocent, unsuspecting victims.  This undesirable creature generously gifted me with the full meal deal – sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose, runny nose, (yes, both, and occasionally at the same time) coughing, blocked ears, painful sinuses, coughing, sneezing, and more coughing.  In light of this I am thankful for…..

1.  Tissues, cough syrup, hot tea, chicken soup and Vaseline (for my Rudolph-imitating nose.)

2.  Books I was able to do some extra reading this week and finished an audio format of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Covert by Rosaria Butterfield. Very compelling read about how God got the attention of a liberal, feminist, lesbian, tenured English professor and drew her to faith in Christ through a Christian couple who demonstrated love, friendship, kindness and wisdom as they interacted with Rosaria and shared the gospel with her.

3. Magnifying glass I am thankful for my magnifying glass which allows these aging eyes to read the small print.  Sure seems to be a lot more small print than there used to be. 🙂

4.  Spring!…Oh yohoo, Spring!…Winter has been like an expected guest who arrived early, overstayed his welcome, and refused to leave when it was time to go. I am grateful that the cold and snow of this past week will soon be gone and gentle spring will bless us with warmth, and growth, and greater mobility.

5.  Christmas cards To all of you who didn’t receive a Christmas card from us this past year:  sorry, I didn’t get any sent out. The good news is that this week I finished making cards for this coming Christmas.  Yay!  Now somebody remind me in November when I can’t find them that I stored them in the craft cabinet.

Maybe you can stop for a minute and thank God for some of the blessings of the past week!

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #10

  1. I really enjoyed reading Butterfield’s book – so much to learn and apply there, and such a thrill that God drew her to Himself. Gives me hope for my own lost loved ones.

    I keep a magnifying glass near my desk and the kitchen.

    We’ve been enjoying temps in the 50s for a day or two but are supposed to get snow on Sunday. Hoping it will pass us by. I’ll be glad when winter packs up and moves on.


  2. Oh you made me chuckle with the Christmas cards. First that they are done already and then asking for the reminder of where you will have put them. That would be so me in November. Tearing my hair out wondering where they were.

    I have been wanting to read that book but surprise, surprise, the library doesn’t have it. I’ll have to check the book store. It’s supposed to be lovely here today. But snow again tomorrow.


  3. Our town library doesn’t have that book either but I am hoping they can find it for me via the inter-library loan system. It sounds good…praise God for that couple ministering to the professor! Spring seems to have finally sprung here in eastern NY…let’s hope it stays that way! Hope you are feeling well soon, have a restful weekend!


  4. I read an interview with the author and made a mental note to find and read that book this summer.
    Since you actually wrote on your blog where you put the cards, all you will have to do is remember WHEN you wrote it!
    Hope you are feeling better now.


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