Friday’s Fave Five #11

FFF tulips

Sharing blessings causes us to stop and remember all the Lord is doing for us even in the midst of trying weeks.  Here are some highlights from my week:

1. Holding a newborn baby There is nothing quite like holding a newborn baby, a helpless bit of humanity less than 24 hours old.  This sweet little boy has three older and very attentive sisters, and loving parents.  As I held him his wee little eyes would open just a slit then slowly shut again as he drifted back into sleep.  Precious!

2. Memories of my mother The little one mentioned above was born on my mother’s birthday.  I have been reflecting on my mother and her impact on my life.  We had a close relationship but there are many things I wish I had asked her about her childhood, family history, and especially the family photo album.  Who are all of these people pictured and how did they touch your life?  Makes me more thoughtful about labeling my photos and telling my kids about my childhood.

3. Kitchen herbs I bought little pots of thyme and oregano at the grocery store this week.  I can use them in my weekly recipe of soup and, if I defy all my past history, can nurture them along until planting time, which around here is mid-May at the earliest.

4. The Mind’s Eye recordings  My husband found some recordings online from The Mind’s Eye, a group of audio recording artists from the 80’s.  We used to own several cassette series dramatized by this group and they were very, very good.  We would listen as we traveled and our kids loved to hear the tapes over and over again. This week Bud and I have been listening to their dramatization of The Hobbit. They’re as good as I remember!

5. My family – photos from China My son, who lives and teaches in China, posted some beautiful pictures of the family this week.  My youngest daughter is enrolled in the nursing program our son oversees.  In just a few short months my son, his wife, their two kids and my youngest daughter will be home for the annual monthly visit.  I am eagerly anticipating that time together as a family!

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7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #11

  1. My Mom did some tapes for the grand-children about her life and she also recorded and wrote her testimony which was really sweet. She decided to do this after a childhood friend of mine asked if we knew anything about how her Mom had been saved as she had never asked her. My Dad recalled he had been at the Youth Rally in 1919 when this girl’s Mom had gone forward. Mom said, “I’m going to write this out so no one will ever be guessing about me!” 🙂 We used part of it for her memorial service years later.


  2. Your grandchildren are adorable!! I’m thankful my own mom wrote in a journal my daughters had bought her so they can read through it..she died suddenly in the fall of 2012 and although she and I were not close emotionally, she did provide me a good example,of a homemaker and she was a very good grandmother. I’m thankful she knew The Lord and is with Him now. Enjoy the weekend!!


    • Journaling is a great way to see the heart of the person. It’s one of the reasons I love missionary biographies so much.

      Grandchildren are a great blessing. I am so glad that we can participate in their lives via technology even when they live so far away. Summers are my favorite time of the year now since we have the family stay with us for a month each summer!


  3. I agree about labeling photos for future generations.

    How fun to look forward to the kids and grandkids visiting soon!

    I haven’t been around babies much in the last few years, but with our first grandchild on the way this summer, I’m noticing them more and getting back into baby stuff. 🙂


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