Friday’s Fave Five #14

FFF tulips

On Fridays we stop to recount some of the many blessings from the past week.  This exercise, sponsored by Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story, helps us to focus on positive things from our week.

These have been a couple of intense weeks for our family as my husband was occupied with the end of the college semester then cloistered to finish dissertation writing, surgery for a daughter, a spring thaw induced leak in our basement guest bedroom, another daughter making decisions regarding future schooling, working to research and resolve unexpected tax issues… know, LIFE!

In the midst of all this there have been some large and small blessings.

1.  Bright, colourful flowers….Some lovely tulips and daffodils purchased at the grocery store brightened the kitchen table and reminded us that spring is soon upon us.  We don’t plant outdoors until late May – the Victoria Day weekend – because we all know that it can still occasionally snow in May (and is forecast to do just that this coming Sunday!)

2.  Appointment!…My appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is set for June 9!!  Hopefully I’ll have a replaced hip before the snow flies again in the fall.

3. God in the midst of uncertain times...I am blessed and calmed to remember that God is our anchor in the midst of uncertain outcomes

4.  Deep purple amethysts…About 15 years ago I bought an amethyst ring and a local department store.  It was 70% off, my ring size, and the loveliest shade of deep purple.  Though I had never been much of a jewelry person before, I loved that simple pretty purple ring and wore it all of the time.  A couple of months ago the now-thinned sterling silver band broke, and though I may get that amethyst reset some day, I decided to order a replacement ring off etsy.  It arrived this week and is very lovely and fits perfectly. 20140502_145320

5. Those who help…I am grateful for the students and friends who are helping us with the basement leak.  Tonight Jon is coming over to cut up the carpet and take it out.  Earlier in the week he stopped by and pulled back the damp carpet.  Underneath the carpet and pad was standing water.  Best case scenario: it leaked in around the window. Worst case:  a crack in the foundation.  I’m glad for friends who are willing to help us figure out problems like this that are beyond my experience and expertise.

Hope you have some exceptional blessings this week.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #14

  1. Basement leaks are no fun! Glad you have some willing helpers with it. Praying the solution is the easier one.

    Ah the snow. Good ol’ spring time in Alberta.

    So glad you’ve got that important appt booked!

    The ring is really lovely. I love purple anything. 🙂


  2. Yikes–basement leak! I’m glad it’s getting cleaned up and figured out.

    What a beautiful ring! Love the purple. And flowers—yes, anything to add brightness and spring to our day is GOOD.


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