Friday’s Fave Five #21

FFF daisies

Friday’s Fave Five is hosted by Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story and encourages us to put in writing five blessings from the week.

1. I have not posted for several weeks. Why? So I could spend as much time as possible with these two!  We had a wonderful summer. I was feeling much better than I did last summer, and was able to be more interactive with my grandchildren. Since next summer should be post hip replacement, maybe I can even be more active with them!










2. My herb garden is winding down. It brought me lots of pleasure thus summer, though not quite like I expected.  It was an herb and vegetable garden, but the zucchini corporate takeover took out my kale, and a mighty wind storm took out my zucchini it all its golden glory (I planted yellow zucchini.)  The entire crown of the plant with its broad, bristly leaves and five golden fingers of zucchini-to-be ended up on the deck.  The plant never recovered. I planted ten peas and only two came up and my green beans elbowed the zucchini for sunlight before the demise of the squash.  Next year my husband is making me a second planter so I have veggies in one and herbs in the other!


3. I am grateful for the wonderful privilege of having all five of my children together in one place for a few weeks each summer.  Our house was loud and messy, full of comings and goings, laughter and tears, discussions and debates.  We do Christmas in July (well…August this year) complete with holiday dishes, decorations, Christmas crackers (and the antics that go along with the hats and prizes), and Christmas readings. The China-based part of the family has left us until next year.DSC09573

4. Watching college football with my husband is one of my favorite pastimes. It’s that time of year and he is actually able to take a day off each week (well, most weeks) after years of having a too-heavy workload to do this.  I have one thing to say about college football:  Go Buckeyes!!

5. No word yet on my surgery date.  My first hip replacement was 8 years ago this December.  I am praying that I can have this one done before the snow comes since ice and snow hinder my mobility and make walking around on crutches or with a walker a little more tricky. Good news:  I am much more mobile this time than I was before the last surgery.  I’m very grateful for that!


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #21

  1. A wonderful list if faves minus the football. LOL I can’t stand wAtching sports on tv although I did love the Red Sox game we went to this summer😄. I will pray that your hip replacement goes smoothly…one of my teaching colleagues had hers done 2 summers ago. It was quite a recovery. Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I don’t blame you at all for not posting while the family was there! I’m glad you all had a wonderful time!

    Sorry the garden didn’t go as planned. We haven’t gardened in years but I am tempted t try some yellow squash and zucchini in a planter some time. Keeping the herbs separate sounds like a good idea.

    Hope and pray your surgery can be scheduled soon.


  3. I so understand not posting while family was together. I did the same. One must live their life to post about their life, has been my motto. And now that the kids are older and have their own lives going on every moment is so precious. Love that you guys do Christmas in July. Fun idea! Sorry about your poor garden, it really took a hit didn’t it?


  4. So you are a fan of THE Ohio State University…my daughter lives near Columbus.
    I’m so glad you had all that fun time with your family–Christmas in August–it works!
    Our garden didn’t do so well this year either–blame our California drought.


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