Friday’s Fave Five #22

FFF daisies

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five hosted by Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story.  This weekly exercise prompts us to share five blessings from the week.  It’s encouraging to stop, think about, and recount our blessings. I ‘m glad to be able to participate in FFF.

1.  Humor out my window  I am grateful for humor. I was working at my desk and glanced out the window to see a small, young girl, maybe 8 years old, walking a cat on a leash.  I can’t remember ever seeing someone trying to walk a cat before, and thought, “This should be interesting!” I wasn’t disappointed!!

The cat dashed ahead, yanking the girl behind, then abruptly came to a dead stop as the girl flew past him, then collapsed to the grass where he stretched and rolled leisurely for about a minute.  The little girl stood over the cat and pulled on the leash to get the cat going, but that cat was NOT going to move.  So the girl pulled harder – no luck – then used both hands and planted her feet before pulling up hard on the leash.  The cat suddenly sprang up and vaulted forward a few meters almost knocking the girl off her feet, before collapsing and stretching in the grass again.  Exasperation and frustration were etched on that poor girl’s face.  I’m sure I saw a sly grin on the face of that cat as he once again leaped up and dashed down the street out of my sight, the little girl practically airborne behind him!

2. New friends.  This week we enjoyed a visit from a lady in BC who heard about the Bible College and began supporting the work here.  Though we had previously corresponded, this was our first face to face meeting.  We had warm fellowship with this sister in Christ.

3.  New referral Though I don’t yet have a surgery date for my hip replacement, I now have a referral to an exercise specialist who will help me find exercise that will be appropriate for both my arthritis and my fibromyalgia, which tends to be worse in cold weather.

4. Harvest bounty My husband and I have been blessed with the generosity of friends who have shared some of their garden bounty with us.  Squash, tomatoes, beets, onions….yum!

5. Last class Number three daughter completed, and passed the final course for her bachelor’s degree this week.  She’s been out of school for several years now so it’s a relief and blessing to have everything finished and behind her!  Good job Anna!!

Hope you can take a moment to stop and think of some of the blessings in your life this past week.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #22

  1. I am amazed at how much a good exercise therapy can help. It can strengthen muscles around so that the injured or bad area has good strong support around it. Hope yours helps you out! Yay for neighbors who share their wonderful garden produce. Mine shared some delicious cukes with me last week. I thought of you when the snow hit last week. How did you fare?


  2. Yeah, you can’t really walk a cat on a leash…it must have been hilarious to watch!
    Yummy fresh produce from friends–that’s certainly a fave!
    Congrats to your daughter on finishing her BA–that’s a true milestone.


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