Friday’s Fave Five #24


On Fridays we stop and share five blessings from the week.  Suzanne came up with this idea and hosts this weekly time at Living to Tell the Story.

1. Hip, hip hooray!  I have a surgery date!! My hip replacement is scheduled for November 21.  I go in for a 4-6 hour teaching session at the hip and knee clinic next Thursday where they will go over physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, and other topics to help us before and after surgery.

2. Drive in the country My husband took me for a drive in the country. Along our route we stopped to take autumn pictures.  The next day my daughter asked me if I wanted to go for a drive in the country with her!  We also stopped to take pictures.  Loving the two for one weekend special!

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3.  Directionally dysfunctional I am directionally dysfunctional.  My family knows this.  Most of my friends know this. Until I have driven (not riding along as a passenger, but actually doing the driving myself) the route several times, I generally get lost, make wrong turns, or otherwise get turned around.  And yes, I use Google Maps which are somewhat helpful.

GPS, on the other hand has not proven to be all it’s cracked up to be.  If the funky voice would tell me, “Slam on the brakes and turn left RIGHT NOW!” I could probably use it.  However, it tells me, “Turn left in 50 metres.”  I look ahead and in what seems to me to be 50 meters are three roads all turning left.  Which one is the correct one?  If I choose the wrong one how do I get back on track?  I choose.  Oops, wrong road. The funky voice, growing more irritating now, tries to smooth over my mistake.  What it really wants to do is snort and call me an imbecile, but instead in faux soothing tones it tells me “In 50 metres turn left then turn right.”  Again I look ahead and see two roads in close proximity which both turn left, but branch off in widely divergent paths.  I again make the wrong choice.  I am now a human version of an unimaginably tangled ball of yarn.  Whimpering, I pull off the road and call my husband, or CAA, or anyone with access to a computer and google maps.

So you will understand my absolute euphoria over the fact that I found my way, forty minutes away, to the west side of Edmonton, to a place I had never been before, and afterward to a favorite gluten free store further north in the city, and finally back home, WITHOUT GETTING LOST OR MAKING ANY WRONG TURNS!  I shall note it in my diary for it may never happen again.

4.  Friends I am so grateful that friends don’t all have to be in the same age group.  I have been blessed by friendship with ladies both older and younger than me.  Yesterday I enjoyed sweet Christian fellowship with a young woman the age of my own daughters and came away from our time together encouraged in the Lord.

5. Mental exercises My youngest daughter has introduced me to Lumosity and I am enjoying the challenge of these mental exercises.  I may actually improve my ‘brain fitness’ but right now I am just having fun playing the games. It might not be as fun if I paid to play but I am accessing only the free section of the program.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #24

  1. I enjoy those mental games as well!!! I only do the freebies, too! Your Autumn photos are so pretty. And I feel the same way about GPS!!! Lol. We here in the Adirondack mts have learned not to rely on them too much as they are often inaccurate on those mt roads. Great list of faves! Enjoy the weekend.


  2. I am directionally challenged as well and have to do the same thing, drive a route a number of times, before I am comfortable driving without help.My GPS wasn’t great, but the Google maps app on my phone as been a dream – it even tells me which lane I need.

    Glad for your surgery date!

    I should probably check out the brain games – I am sure my brain could use the exercise. 🙂


  3. I’ve wondered about that Luminosity. I didn’t realize there was a free version. Rides and photos are always so fun. Nice fall pictures. So glad you have a date for your surgery!


  4. I’ve seen the notices for Lumosity. I’ll have to check that out. I hope your surgery and everything leading up to it goes smoothly.
    Hurray for the lovely drives in the country!


  5. The yellow on that second picture is just glorious! Glad you got to enjoy the drives and scenery. As a young woman, I’ll tell you that I’m so grateful for the women who are further along in life than I and have taken me in and shared their wisdom! I’m glad you have been so blessed to have a friend to share your wisdom with! 🙂

    I’ve seen the ads for Lumosity and will definitely check it out.


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