Friday’s Fave Five #29

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Thanks to Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story for hosting the weekly opportunity to share some blessings of the week.

What a week this has been!

1.  Bud’s 60th birthday My husband celebrated his 60th birthday last Friday. Because of our daughters’ busy work schedules we decided to take a family trip to the mountains in early February to celebrate.  The Diva breezily, but insistently required having extra room to maintain her comfort, so we booked a fancy-looking condo in Canmore.  Looking forward to spending time together in the mountains with our girls!

2. Christmas banquet in January Saturday night was our church Christmas banquet.  We couldn’t find a venue we needed for the dates we had open in December, so we booked for January.  It was much more relaxing to have it in January!  We thoroughly enjoyed a special evening of delicious food, wonderful fellowship, and a talent time that amused and blessed us all.

Little did we suspect that the evening would become even more special after we returned home.

3.  Big, big surprise We got home close to 10 pm.  Our three older daughters were in our living room, almost quivering with excitement. (We were too tired and distracted to even wonder what they were doing at our house at 10 pm on a Saturday night.) They told us they had Papa’s birthday gift and we should sit down and Anna would get it from the bedroom.  The older two whipped out their cameras and we were all chatting when Anna reappeared…..with our youngest daughter, Emma, in tow.  Emma attends school in Shanghai, China and was not scheduled to come home until the summer at the earliest.  Our mouths literally dropped open as we scrambled to take in this amazing surprise. Bud leaped out of his seat to embrace her, and I, in typical womanly fashion, began to cry. The girls delightedly documented everything and shared the video and pictures of their gaping parents on Facebook!!

The big surprise

Emma is home

Emma has an almost six week break from school at Chinese New Year and had planned from last August to fly home and surprise us during the break. All of our children and many of their friends knew of this scheme, and we never once suspected.  I usually clue in to surprises, but not this time.  Emma, a nursing student, blames it on my October surgery and the narcotics they had me on for a while!!  We are having an absolutely fantastic time talking and just spending time together.

The Diva asked what we thought of her acting job.  She knew we had to book a place that would also accommodate Emma on our trip to the mountains, so she insisted on having a room ‘to herself’.  Our kids are heavily trained and immersed in the fine arts so she pulled it off in grand style without arousing any of our suspicions!

4.  Balmy weather The weather this January has also been fantastic … very warm – even record-breaking – and much easier for me to get out in than the cold.  My balance is slowly improving, and even though sidewalks and parking lots are still icy, I am able to cautiously get around with the help of my cane and caring friends and family.

5. Many other blessings I want to praise God and thank for all of His kindness.  I was really missing my family in China and God granted me a desire of my heart in allowing Emma to come home for a while. (I still miss the rest of them very much and hope to see them this summer.) I began thinking of other kindnesses – small and great – that He provides.  It’s a reflection of our sin nature that we automatically focus on what we consider bad or negative.  Here are a few more kindnesses – blessings from the week.

Needing new (expensive) tires now for the SUV we need to replace this summer, and remembering we had a perfectly good set of winter tires that we had never gotten around to putting on this year.

Even though I had a two week flare of my fibromyalgia / reaction to foods, it only lasted two weeks, not months like it has at other times

Savoring delicious gluten-free shortbread the girls brought me from Scotland.

Finding some Copic sketch markers at an unexpected half-price sale.

Knowing that God will provide solutions to problems and meet needs when we can’t possibly see a way out of our predicament.

What about you?  What ways has God shown you His kindness this week?








7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #29

  1. A belated Happy Birthday to Bud! Love the picture of both of you with your mouths agape! I can imagine the joy and surprise – so glad they were able to work it out. Your daughter looks so much like you at that age.

    Our Sunday School class typically does their Christmas get-together in January, too – makes it much more of a relaxed time and gives something to look forward to after the other festivities are over.


  2. Oh what an amazing and joyful surprise for you. That’s great that you flexed the Christmas party into January!! Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. oh wow, what a lovely surprise and the photos are just awesome.
    Happy belated to Bud and yes January seems like a more quiet time after the craziness of December.
    Happy weekend and enjoy your time with your daughter.


  4. oh what a perfect surprise!! and how fun you can all go the mountains to enjoy the celebration…which mountains?? if you are a reader at my blog, you KNOW which mountains I’m in love with and spend the most time in 🙂 Happy weekend…enjoy the time with your daughter. I’m curious to know why she chose a college in China??


  5. Happy belated birthday to your hubby. What a great surprise and congrats to everyone for pulling it off! The picture of your surprised expressions is absolutely priceless! Enjoy your time together!


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