Friday’s Fave Five #33

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It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

1. Mobility! It snowed overnight, but the rest of the week has been warm enough for most of the winter’s accumulation of ice and snow to melt. I’ve been trying to go outside to walk around or do errands each day to help build up my weakened leg muscles. I was even able to go without my cane a couple of the days!

2. Sense of humor One of the things I love about my husband id his sense of humor. He joked with the congregation that he and Pastor David had whirled around in teacups at Disneyland when they were in southern California last week. (No time for that kind of activity during a conference!!) A photographer in the church found some silly images of the pastors and photoshopped them into a teacup ride picture. The church family seemed to really enjoy seeing the lighter side of their pastors.


3. God remains the same Currently the winds of change are blowing for many of our family, friends and ministries. Most of these touch us in some way and cause me anxiety if I do not leave them with the Lord. God promises that He will never leave us or forsake us. I am asking God to keep me focusing on that promise in these times of uncertainty.

4. A photograph I took I love taking pictures, but am in no way a trained photographer. In the past couple of years two different publishers have asked permission to use one of my photos in their books. They both asked to publish a picture of a stained glass window portraying missionary Mary Slessor I took when we visited Dundee Scotland several years ago. This has been my fleeting moment of photography fame!

Mary Slessor Window Dundee

5. Family in Christ God has recently drawn to our church a number of families who have emigrated from Africa. I am enjoying getting to know them and marvel at the sacrifices they have made for the promise of a better life for their families. Language, culture, climate are all different, but we are one in Christ and enjoy wonderful fellowship together based on that familial bond.

What has God blessed you with this past week?


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #33

  1. Had to smile at the teacups photo. I have no idea how to Photoshop – it is a neat skill to have. A couple of times we’ve had a couple of family photos where not everyone was in the photo (different ones had to be out to take the pictures), and my sons have been able to Photoshop them together so everyone was there.

    When we went through an upheaval a few years ago – we moved to TN and left one son behind in SC and one son moved to RI – the phrase from “Be Still My Soul” kept coming to mind: “Through every change, He faithful will remain.” A great comfort.

    Glad your mobility is improving, and that’s really neat about the stained glass photo! It seems like a lot of missionaries have people from all over the world in their churches – we’re truly becoming a global culture.


  2. Oh what a fun picture of your pastors! That’s wonderful that your church is welcoming new families from Africa…i’m sure it is very different for them and there’s NOTHING like the unity we have in the Body of Christ. Pretty picture you took!! Enjoy your weekend and keep walking!


  3. Cute photo of the pastors! I assume they were at the Shepherds Conference at Masters? (My alma mater–when it was still LA Baptist College) Several friends were there.
    None of my children live near me–I tell them that God is with us here and them there. The biggest upheaval for our family was when we returned from Indonesia to the US–it was like we had to relearn our own culture.


  4. LOL. That photoshopped picture is awesome! Glad to hear you are getting stronger and are out and about daily! We have lots of African families at our church. Their testimonies are amazing! Very exciting about your pics being published.


  5. I did a little poking around on your site and love your story of “Purple Grandma.”

    That stained glass window photo is awesome. I am not a trained photographer either. But sometimes a photo turns out that actually matches the vision I had in my head. Congrats on your 10 minutes of fame!

    The teacup photo is fun. I cannot even remember the last time I went on this ride. I recently heard that the lavender teacup goes the fastest. I know I will never experiment with that idea unless I want to get sick.

    Hurray on getting to move around more. I hope your leg regains its strength quickly.


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