Friday’s Fave Five #34

FFF daisies

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I missed a couple of weeks and did not want to miss another. Technically it’s still Friday here, though I am posting this much later in the day than I usually do.

1. Goodbye ice! I’m so happy for the beautiful, beautiful weather we have been enjoying. Other than a stubborn mound of crusty snow lingering in our front yard, winter is gone and I can get out and walk around unencumbered by icy conditions. I know I counted this as a blessing a couple of weeks ago, but we had a big dump of snow right after that post, but that snow has vanished so I am once again grateful for the disappearance of snow.

2. Yummy cupcake One of my daughters treated me to a gluten free cupcake from a bakery. It was iced with a mound of strawberry buttercream icing and tasted marvelous!

3. Help for my husband My daughter has a new job, at least for a few months, as an administrative assistant for my husband. I am SO VERY grateful that she is helping him. Due to the nature of our ministries over the years my husband has never had a secretary. I helped him with some things, but the majority of things an assistant would normally take care of my hubby ended up doing. A few months ago we tracked his hours and realized he was working about 70 hours a week between the college and the church, and that without much assistance. Having someone to relieve most of the office work has been a huge blessing.

4. Deals! At the Superstore today I came across a whole rack of clothing marked down to $1.94 each. Some of the garments were beautiful and originally priced for $20 or more. Most of the pieces were infant and toddler sizes so I was able to restock my baby shower gift box with some nice things.

5. Sparkling teapots I was able to spring clean my small collection of teapots which rests atop my kitchen cabinets. My young house helper climbed up on a chair (and sometimes on the counter) to haul them all down and to clean the shelves. A good wash through the dishwasher has the teapots sparkling like new! Tea, anyone?






2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #34

  1. It’s so nice when snow and ice are gone for the spring and summer.

    My d-i-l is eating gluten free, and GF cakes and breads are the hardest to find that aren’t heavy and dense. Glad you found one! We made cake pops with a Betty Crocker GF cake mix that turned out well – so far we haven’t tried it in a regular cake or cupcakes.

    How wonderful that your daughter is able to help your husband for a while! And what great deals you found!


  2. Good to hear that finally all the snow is gone. In Southern Alberta we’ve had some nice days but the last couple have been incredibly windy so we haven’t been able to enjoy them at all. Sounds like you and your hubby have had some good help. Good idea to stock up for baby showers with that kind of sale. I should check the superstore here as there is quite a few ladies expecting at church!


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