Friday’s fave Five #37

FFF tulips

It’s Friday (OK, Saturday), time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

1. Black raspberries I enjoy black raspberries. We grew some in my yard in Ohio when I was a kid but have not found a place that sells just fresh or frozen black raspberries here in Edmonton. Blackberries, yes. Red raspberries, yes, even occasionally yellow raspberries. But not black raspberries. I bought several bags of frozen organic berries a local store had put on clearance a few weeks ago. When I opened the first one the other day I was delighted to find black raspberries in the mix. I carefully picked out several and savored each bite. Ah the memories!

2. Whack the eggs A friend was sharing a recipe she had created for gluten free bread. She listed all of the ingredients then gave the directions. One of the first things she wrote to do was ‘whack the egg.’ I just about choked with laughter! Ok, it was bedtime, I was tired, and she had just texted me the recipe, but it really struck me as funny. I kept chuckling as I drifted off to sleep. Whisk, whack, what’s the difference?

3. BBQ My brother-in-law is up here teaching a seminary course at our Bible college. Today he took us out for lunch at a new (to me) BBQ place called Fired Up BBQ. It advertises itself as gluten-free friendly. The portions were large, the food is freshly prepared each day, and they offer many gluten-free sides to go with the BBQ. The prices were reasonable, everything was delicious (we all shared tastes of the meats we had ordered) and nothing made me sick because of hidden gluten. I hope we can go back again soon!

4. Travel and vacation We are going to have to travel some this summer for ministry. The best part? Looks like we will be able to spend some time with my husband’s sister and her husband while we are away. We were married in a double wedding 36 years ago. Some years we get to vacation together in celebration of our shared anniversary. And that is always something to look forward to.

5. Green tea latte surprise A green tea latte at a discounted price because of the kindness of a young friend. That was an unexpected blessing today!

4 thoughts on “Friday’s fave Five #37

    • Hi Bonnie! Such a joy to reconnect! You and Buck are in our eternal treasury of saints who have blessed and ministered to us. I’m so grateful for the family we have in Christ!


  1. Smiling at whacking the egg. 🙂 My d-i-l had gluten issues and is always grateful to find gluten-free dishes at restaurants.

    Neat about being able to spend time with your in-laws while traveling!


  2. Gotta love auto correct on texts. enjoy your visit with your brother and sister in law! We share an anniversary with my brother an his wife, although it’s a different year. We love the occasional shared celebration, too.


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