Friday’s Fave Five #43

FFF daisies

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

1. Lots of travel! We have been traveling a great deal during July and August. Some of this has been in the States to visit churches that have partnered with us in ministry for almost thirty years. It was a great blessing to spend time with people from each congregation.

2. Surrogate grandma One of the benefits of being ‘of a certain age’ is that you can act as a surrogate grandmother to kids whose biological grandparents live far away. When we told God we would serve Him wherever He wanted us, it ended up being far from either of our families. Many people became aunties, uncles, and grandparents to our kids in their growing up days. In July I got to be Grandma to Madison and her brothers. Loved every minute of it!

3. A dying wish granted Our schedule has been so intense and busy we talked about moving our Calgary meeting from July to September, but we felt compelled to keep the July date. Just before we left to drive down, we learned a former church member was in hospice and would soon be with the Lord. He very much wanted to see my husband so that their relationship would be in perfect harmony before this dear brother went to be with the Lord. Many hugs were shared and many tears shed at that short but powerful meeting. Three days later this brother went to be with the Lord. God is sovereign and granted the dying wish of one of His own. We are humbled and blessed by His leading!

4. Goodbye old tree We had to take down a big, old tree from the back yard because it was diseased. *sniff* I love those old trees, the shade they provide, and the bit of privacy they offer. Now most of the back yard is open and sunny and… my husband reminds me, we have new possibilities for the space. Guess it does all depend on how you look at things!

5. Children and grandchildren Our own grandchildren (along with my son and his wife!) arrived for their annual visit from their home in Shanghai, China. What wonderful times we have been experiencing together! We try to make it to the Canadian Rockies during their visits. Though this summer smoke from forest fires has cast a hazy fog over the beautiful scenery, we have thoroughly enjoyed visiting familiar and favorite venues and introducing these places to our grandchildren.



8-28-15 Canmore (220)


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #43

  1. I was in Minnesota for five and a half weeks in July and August to be with family members. Enjoyed the lake and had a wonderful time. We had hazy skies and fire smell from the fires in Canada as well. The lithe neighbor boys at my nephew’s home came over to talk to me. The four year old said “Do you smell the smoke?” I told him I did and he explained, “Someone must have made an awful lot of ‘smokes!” 🙂 It was a reminder to us adult to pray for rain and safety for the fire fighters in the U.S. and Canada.


  2. Sounds like a lovely and fullfilling week. So awesome that the Lord worked out your plans so that you were able to be there for the church member. What grace.

    Love the pics of your grandkids. They brought a smile with their smiles!

    We’ve had horrible smoke here from the Washington fires. I haven’t taken the kids out to play in days.


  3. How awesome that there was last meeting with a former church member before his homecoming. It is incredibly sweet that God arranged those details to make that happen.

    Being a grandma (surrogate or otherwise) is one of the greatest pleasures. So happy you’ve had the opportunity to be both those week. It does a heart good to be around grand children cuddling, talking, and sharing favorite haunts.


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