Friday’s Fave Five #45

FFF fall leaves 2

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I’ve missed several weeks of posting FFF. We have traveled some for ministry, but the main reason I have missed so many weeks is because my husband is now taking a day off each week, and this semester it is Fridays. I am blessed because he likes including me in his plans. I guess I need to prepare my FF’s on Thursdays, or post on Saturdays when he is back to work. Not a great start on that adjustment! (Today he is at a men’s retreat so I have time to do this post on Friday!)

Part of the importance of this Friday post is focusing on the daily blessings God gives us. Sometime I get so busy, or so preoccupied, or even so discouraged about something that blessings fade into the background. I’m learning through my photography that what you focus on can change the whole outcome of the picture. Just the slightest adjustment in the focus can alter what is seen from a beautiful shot to one that is blurry and unattractive. It is good for someone like me, who possesses an artistic streak of melancholy, to regularly adjust my focus to the good and positive in my life. Just kind of thinking out loud here.

1.  Fellowship Last month several pastors’ wives from Alberta traveled to Red Deer for a time of prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. The drive down and back with a dear ministry friend, the focus of the fellowship, and time after we got home with my friend’s children were all blessings of the day.

2.  Wonderful weather The weather has been amazingly mild for October in central Alberta. I have harvested most of my herbs and dried them, but am holding out on bringing in the rest of the kale and my hearty spearmint and peppermint. If we get really cold temps, or cold days with hard frosts in the evenings, I’ll pull in the rest of the garden. It’s just nice that we have had fresh greens so far into the autumn.


3. Renovations Because of a bad leak in our guest bathroom we are having to renovate that room. When our renovator pulled down the wall around the tub, he found less damage behind the walls than expected. That was certainly a blessing! My decorating daughter has helped me pick out paint, flooring, etc. Sadly, I do not possess the ability to imagine what something will look like. I love those apps that let you put your selections together and show you what new paint, or new furniture etc. will look like. But I have something better than an app…a daughter who has an eye for design!

4. Travels It was a great blessing to travel to South Carolina last week. We met with our mission board, reported to our sending church, and spent time with family. Although there was flooding in South Carolina the week prior, the weather last week was beautiful. Overall I traveled better this time than in July, for which I am very grateful.

5. Gratitude “In everything give thanks.” Do you ever stumble over this biblical command as I do? This week one daughter lost her job and another was in a 5-car collision. “Give thanks.” I am back to the focus again. What am I going to focus on? I will focus on the fact that my daughter is able to work, is actively searching for work, and wants to work. Maybe what we think of as a setback is an opportunity for God to provide something amazing for her. I am thankful that my other daughter was not seriously injured in this collision and has a car she can still use. Perspective. Focus. Gratitude.


5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #45

  1. Missed reading your FFF’s!! So you were in Greenville. Very close to where I live!! Very glad that your daughter is OK from her wreck. And I pray that the other one will find work soon.


  2. Great perspective on #5. It’s sounds amazing to be in a 5-car accident without bodily injury and still be able to drive the car. Glad the travels went well and the weather has been great!


  3. So glad your daughter who was in the accident is ok. and I’m lifting up a prayer right now for your other daughter to find work. The Lord is good. and especially in the rough times. Praying He will give you (and her) peace as you trust in Him.

    Glad you had that time of fellowship – it’s so important.

    i know exactly what you mean about focus and photography – I’ve thought of that many times. It’s a life lesson.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  4. So glad your daughter is ok after her accident. that is a HUGE reason to give thanks to our God. My oldest daughter is looking for work in her field as she just graduated from college in May and although she is “only” working at Starbucks, we are thankful that at least she has a paycheck coming in and is still actively searching for that perfect graphic design job. The Lord knows our needs…we need to wait and trust His timing. Yay for renovations that will be simple!! And praise God for all your times of fellowship. He is so faithful to us, isn’t He??


  5. I love the comparison between looking for blessings and your photography! And I love the perspective you are choosing for both the events in your daughter’s lives. I am so glad your daughter is ok from the accident. And you are so right for your other daughter, this is an opportunity for God to bring her something really good. So glad the renovation was not as bad as first thought.


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