Friday’s Fave Five #46

FFF fall leaves 2

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

1. An early Christmas gift This week my oldest daughter gave me a Christmas gift. This daughter has her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Voice Performance and is making a Christmas CD for me! She has a full, rich, beautiful, mezzo voice and I have wanted her to make a CD for a long time. Because she is also producing the CD as a fundraiser for the college, she presented me with the case and the dedication so I would hear about it first from her. Yes, tears of joy were shed. My kids sure are getting better at totally surprising me!

2. Snowless October Here we are at the end of October and not only have we had no snow, we have had pleasant weather for much of the month. Since it would not be strange to have had a few heavy snowfalls by the end of October, I am very grateful for the nice weather this year.

3. Good deals I love to find really good deals. My husband drinks lots of iced tea and needs me to make it with Splenda for him. When I was in the local Rexall picking up eggs and milk, I noticed a display of Splenda powder for $1.36 a box (normally $8.99 a box.) I snagged 6 boxes and when I got to the till was further delighted that my boxes were an additional 20% off because I was shopping on seniors’ day!

4. A new believer Last Wednesday night at our prayer meeting I had the joy of praying with a new believer who had never attended a prayer meeting before. She was learning that prayer is simply talking with God. It was humbling to hear her address God with such gratitude and simplicity as she prayed.

5. Roasty toasty and freezy breezy Have you ever been without heat in minus thirty degree weather? We have, when we lived in Calgary and were trying to nurse along an ancient furnace. We felt like urban pioneers, hunkered down in front of the fireplace dressed in our woollies and winter coats. So when we had to have our 34 year old furnace in our current home certified before our mortgage could be renewed, we decided to go ahead and replace it. We were able to install AC at the same time which will help me during allergy season and those few weeks of heat we manage to have up here each year!

Here are some of my early pictures taken on a visit to Edisto Island.

Botany Beach 01 Botany Beach 03 Botany Beach 06 Botany Beach 07 Botany Beach 08 Beach Access Across the Street

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #46

  1. Your link at FFF doesn’t work, but I was able to find this post by going to your home button. LOVE your beach photos especially the shells. How wonderful to have a new furnace and AC. And what a great aid to guarding against allergies. Lots of nights I run my air purifier for the same reason.


  2. Loving the beachy pictures. I love running across surprise great deals like that! What a great thing for your daughter and what a wonderful gift for you!! Hasn’t our Alberta weather been incredible so far this fall?


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