Friday’s fave Five #71


It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

Friends in ministry We had a leadership retreat for the church this week. It was wonderful to spend time together with the other pastor and his wife in prayer and fellowship and making plans for the future of our church.


Mountain splendor

Help with fibromyalgia My fibromyalgia has been in a flare lately and I have had more trouble than usual with muscle spasms and pain. One of my daughters came over and worked on the muscles in my neck and shoulders to provide some relief until I could make it to the massage therapist. Her help was a particular blessing to me.

Garage When we first moved from Calgary to Edmonton, we converted the garage into an office for my husband. He now has an office at the college and the garage has been made back into a garage. I enjoy observing how much pleasure and satisfaction my husband gets out of being able to park his vehicle in a garage. It’s especially nice not have to scrape ice and snow off the car before heading to work!

Yummy food My husband and I split a delicious steak dinner this week. Everything from the asparagus to the mushrooms to the steak were all scrumptious! (And gluten free!!)

Cards and Photos I made a special order card this week and finished up some fall-themed cards for my Purple Grandma Designs ministry.


Special order


From the fall collection

I’ve been trying different things to capture the effects of the sun in landscape photos. Here are some pictures from this past week.


Behind the storm


Sunset glow


Burst of light


Swirling mists


Shrouded peak


Alberta prairie


View from the balcony

6 thoughts on “Friday’s fave Five #71

  1. Glad you and your husband got to spend some time with a fellow pastor and his wife. I LOVE my garage. This is the first house we’ve lived in that had one, though one had a carport. We don’t get as much frost as you do, but we do get some. I especially like not having to unload groceries in the rain. The steak dinner sounds great, and your cards are lovely.


  2. We have a car port and definitely appreciate having that although we never get snow where we live.
    Your sunlight photos are beautiful! I especially loved that sunset. And those mountain peaks!
    I hope your flare subsides soon.


  3. My hubby’s been working on cleaning out the garage (moving the lawn mower, wood splitter, kayak, etc. out) so that we will have space to put the vehicles under cover. Snow came before he quite completed that task!

    Your photos and cards are lovely. The special order card is absolutely amazing!


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