Friday’s Fave Five #74 plus A Few Alberta Photos Day 5

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It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I didn’t get many guesses on my new word last week. The word new to me was frore which means frozen or frosty. Cool word, eh? I used in in of my photo titles. I’ll let you know when I use another new word in future posts.


Warm homes It’s been in the minus 20’s C this week – brrrr! I am grateful for our warm homes on these bitterly cold days. Some of the missionary stories I’ve read speak of the winter weather conditions in Canada in the 1800’s. These dedicated pioneers often had only open fireplaces in log cabins to keep warm inside, and buffalo robes to bundle up in when braving the elements. Their lives depended on them making proper preparations just to live. Central heat is truly a blessing.

Time with my daughters Saturday we visited Greenland Garden Center and enjoyed looking at all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees. It was a fun outing with the girls.


My wonderful daughters


Love the colours of this tree!

Tea Those who know me well know that I love tea. My food sensitivities prevent me from enjoying black tea very often, but I really like green tea, and am learning to enjoy rooibos teas. This week I received some new flavors of green tea, rooibos tea, and fruit infused tisanes. They’ve been especially enjoyable on these cold days.

Those senior discounts When do senior discounts kick in? I’ve found out it depends on the organization offering the discount. Thus far I have encountered discounts for those over 50, 55, 60, 62, or 65, depending on the place. Also, you must ask for the discount in most places now since some people were offended if the cashier asked if they qualified for the senior discount, and they were, say, only 45. I mean, honestly, if an 18-year-old is serving you and you have greying hair, to them you must be a senior, right? Anyway, I got some great deals this week due to coupons and that senior discount.

Answers to prayer I was looking for some particular items for my grandchildren and was having a hard time finding them. After praying about them, the Lord directed me to just the right thing at a wonderful price.

Cards and Photos Here are some Purple Grandma Designs cards I made this week and a few photos from over the past month. This is my last post for a few weeks. I hope you all have a Blessed Christmas!


More beautiful Banff


Ice fog everywhere


Stunning drive


Old and new


Shadows on the pond

img_6270 img_6284 img_6282



4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #74 plus A Few Alberta Photos Day 5

  1. You are very creative!!! Beautiful work!!!
    I’m in SC, so we think it’s cold this weekend when highs are in the low 50s. Guess you think that’s funny. 🙂


  2. My husband had to tell me what your temps are in F since I can never remember how to convert to your C method. WOW you guys are having quite the cold snap!! Our coldest day was this morning at 21 F. (coldest day of the school year). But we still have no snow. That might change tomorrow evening as I heard there is some snow supposed to be coming to eastern New York.

    Do you live near Banff National Park?? I have that park on my bucket list. my husband, his youngest sister and his parents went there on a cross country trip when he was a child. I want to hike in there!!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season with those lovely daughters of yours!


  3. The senior thing gave me a laugh. I wish they would just standardize it. Went to the garden center here too last week and as usual everything was lovely…and expensive. Didn’t see a tree in that color however. Some are so unusual. The traditional is definitely taking a back seat to the unusual it seems. Enjoy your Christmas festivities.


  4. Lovely photos and cards, as always. I, too, wish they would standardize the sr. citizen discount. I’ve been offered it in some places and want to protest, “But I am not a sr. citizen!” (or not even offered – just have been assumed to be a “senior”) I know sometimes the cashiers are just trying to do a favor in offering a discount. It’s so neat when the Lord leads you to just the right purchase.


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