Friday’s Fave Five #77


Susanne hosts Living to Tell the Story and encourages others to share blessings of thee week on Fridays. Here are a few of mine from this week.

1. Beautiful ice fog We had three full days in a row that were foggy so that many surfaces had layers of ice fog (hoar frost) on them. It made everything picture postcard beautiful.

January ice fog

January ice fog

2. Family night Our daughters and son-in-law joined us on Monday to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I tried out a couple recipes to cook both grouse and venison. Both meats were tasty and the time together as family was a blessing.

3. Borrowed grandchildren I always enjoy visiting with my surrogate grandchildren. This week these precious ones came over with their mom for a lunch visit. I hope they have as much fun visiting Purple Grandma as she has hosting them!

Borrowed grandchildren

Borrowed grandchildren

4. Church growth Our church continues to grow, both organically and from new folks joining with us. We have two baby showers for church ladies over the next couple of weeks. When these little ones are born, we will have added 10 new babies to the church family over the last year and a half or so. We’ve also been blessed over the past few months with a number of new individuals and families choosing to worship with us and attend membership classes in preparation for joining the church.

5. Photography The beautiful ice fog days inspired some interesting photos. I played with different filters this week. Here are a few of my favorites.


Ice fog acreage


Cottony cold


Ice fog branches


Directional ice fog


Looks like fake spray-on snow!


Shivering sunflower


Frosty splendor


Frosty raspberry

I began working on some Valentine cards this week. Here are the latest cards from Purple Grandma Designs.





5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #77

  1. Your photos of the hoarfrost are beautiful. We don’t get much like that in South Carolina!! Also, it’s wonderful that you have so many children in the nursery now.


  2. Your photos are stunning! And those Valentine cards are just precious! how fun to be crafty!!

    I used to eat venison as a child as my dad was a hunter. I am really not a huge meat eater any longer and will only eat certain kinds of chicken, bison or fish. I’ve never had grouse, nor will, but my hubby and I had duck in Aruba on our honeymoon and in France. It was ……greasy. 😦

    have a happy cozy weekend!


  3. You got some wonderful shots of the hoar frost! We had some lovely days of it too and one day we could almost see it forming on the trees. So sweet that you have “borrowed” grandchildren. Cuties they are. Happy birthday to your hubby.


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