Friday Fave Five #83

Susanne hosts Living to Tell the Story and encourages others to share blessings of the week on Fridays. Here are a few of mine from this week.

See this picture? I took it today. It is a blue sky with clouds and sun. I am very thankful for that blue sky after a long stretch of dismal gray days. See this second picture? I also took it today. No more snow in the yard! Shadows from the sun! I am extremely grateful for the snow being gone, for sunshine, and for blue skies!

We seem to attract interesting animals in our neighborhood. Drake and Dessa Duck showed up again this week, hanging out on a neighboring roof and complaining about the late April snowstorm. Yesterday this rabbit was spotted ‘running laps around the house’ as my helper, Kathleen, pointed out. See how he hides in our brownish grass? Amazing to think that he was pure white just a few weeks ago. At least we have not had any visits from the moose that were spotted outside our town earlier this week.

Yesterday when I was out shopping I passed a grocery cart with two little girls in it. The younger one grinned and waved as I walked by and the older one scowled at me. I’m not sure why, but this made me really miss my own grandchildren. It is easy to focus on what you do not have, but it is not profitable or even proper for a Christian to do this. I am so blessed to live at a time when I can regularly see or speak to my family in China through technology and spend time with them at least once a year. This is what I will focus on: just a little over two months before they get here!

I don’t regularly buy Tide unless it’s on sale. At the store, all the varieties had sale prices on the shelf tags except the one I prefer. When I took one to the front to get the price checked, the Tide I liked was only $2.50 a bottle! I zipped back to the display and grabbed three more bottles. Good deals on things we need are always a blessing.

I discovered an interesting-looking gluten free scone mix this week made by the Namaste company. I have tried and liked several of their other products so I was hoping this would also be good. I made it today and am very happy with the results.

Here are a few of the cards I have been working on for Purple Grandma Designs

5 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five #83

  1. Your link from FFF’s Mister Linky does not appear to be working? I had to click on your top banner to get to your FFF.

    I absolutely adore getting good bargains (but have never gotten one that good on Tide!). One of my most recent was actually for our school. Some of our textbooks are completely worn out, and I got some leftovers from a previous but recent edition at a warehouse bookstore, for $5 apiece!! That’s $200 for twenty history texts and also twenty life science texts. Brand new edition books would have been between $50 and $60 apiece!!!


  2. HI! very pretty cards!! SNOW???!! ugh…glad ours is done here in eastern NY! Getting laundry soap on sale is ALWAYS a blessing!
    Have a great weekend
    ps…for the last couple of FFF’s ive tried clicking on your link and it brings me to a page that says address not correct. I had to click on the very top of the page on the word “Home” to find your post. Just an FYI.


  3. I’ve seen several photos of snow from people in Colorado and up north. Wow. It’s the end of April.
    Hurray for scoring that great deal on the laundry soap.
    I echo Faith’s comment about not being able to use the link…


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