Friday Fave Five #85

Susanne hosts Living to Tell the Story and encourages others to share blessings of the week on Fridays. Here are a few of mine from the past few weeks.

We’ve been traveling for much of the past three weeks. We had many blessings during our time away so I’ll share a few of them here.

1. Conference We attended a conference in North Carolina for our mission organization. It truly was a blessing to reconnect with old friends and make new friends during the conference.

2. Beach After the conference was over we headed to the beach for a week. My husband grew up on the South Carolina coast and was longing for some time in the ocean. We had a week full of fun and interesting experiences, though the ocean is not my best friend right now. Want to know why?  I shared my story on Facebook and will repost it on my blog in a day or two.

Boardwalk at Holden Beach

The mighty Atlantic

Holden Beach, NC

3. Family How wonderful to spend time with family and old friends! My husband and his three siblings were together for a few hours one evening and three of them spent time together later in the week. Nieces, nephews, and some of their children made time to see us and long-time friends made a point of touching base with us throughout our stay.

Three of four siblings

4. Southern food There’s just something about southern food that is special. This northerner picked up a few favorites years ago during my fifteen-year sojourn in South Carolina so it was fun to return and taste the cuisine again. Sweet tea, shrimp and grits, scallops and crab, various styles of barbecue, fresh, juicy peaches, and even black raspberry jam (a favorite from my growing-up days in Ohio) plus some interesting new gluten free items were all culinary highlights of our trip.

5. Garden Leaving for the States a few days after Victoria Day meant I had to scurry to get my garden in before our trip. Our daughters kept an eye on things for me and I returned to thriving herbs and kale with the promise of peas, carrots, beans and squash later this summer. Oh, and the flowers my husband planted are doing well too.

Cheerful pansies

Lovely lavender

Fresh kale

Here are a couple more pictures from our trip. If you use any of my photos, please credit Deborah Talbert or Thanks!

North Carolina forest

Interesting evergreen

Hope you had many blessings to be thankful for this week!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five #85

  1. Sounds like you have quite a story to tell on the beach. I am so sorry. And I am glad your story has a happy ending (you lived).

    I LOVE kale – how wonderful to have it, and other goodies, growing in your own garden. I especially like it in a smoothie.

    Sounds like your trip to the South was a delight in many way: conference, friend and family meet up and tasty cuisine. I hope these many memories fortify you in the busy days to come.


  2. Looking forward to reading your story about the ocean…
    I have a garden too and grew peas, broccoli, lettuce, kale, herbs and lots of tomatoes this year. I am trying peppers again–I have hopes that finally this year I’ll have success with peppers.


  3. So glad you were able to get together with your husband’s siblings and their families! I’m sorry about the one bad incident – hope it was the only one. 🙂 I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico and love being near the water – one of my favorite vacations was on Folly Beach in Charleston, even though I don’t know how to swim and just waded in a bit. Pretty flowers!


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