Friday Fave Five #90

On Fridays I post FFF to intentionally recall blessings of the previous week. Suzanne sponsors this exercise at Living to Tell the Story and invites you to participate too!

1.Small town I love living in a small town. It’s not perfect, but people tend to look out for each other, greet each other, and rally together to support local causes. This week a very popular restaurant in town posted on their facebook page that they would trade baked goods for any extra mint from area residents’ gardens. How fun is that! Since my summer has been rerouted from regular activities to recovery, I have not been able to poke around in my garden, and had plenty of mint to share. Even though the baked goods were not gluten free, my family enjoyed the delicious breads, rolls and muffins given in trade for the mint.

2.More local stuff Two of my daughters are involved in the local arts council, one representing drama and one voice. Recently my daughter became aware that even though there are many families with young children in our town, there is no community children’s choir. She has taught voice lessons and coached musical theater for several years and decided to start a kids’ choir this fall. The local newspaper did a full-page piece on her which has generated even more interest than what she was already getting. This is very nostalgic for me as most of my kids participated in a community choir years ago.

3.Drive in the country Yesterday my husband took me for a drive in the country. I haven’t been out much since the surgery, which made this jaunt particularly enjoyable. We capped the drive with a take-out meal from Edo Japan. Though I could not get out and walk around, I was able to get a few photos from my seat in the car. What a refreshing afternoon!

4.Short lived flu Our youngest daughter had a flu last weekend which I picked up mid-week. Because I am still recovering from surgery I was concerned at first that the pounding headache was some sort of surgical side effect, but after talking with my daughter I realized I had identical symptoms that she did. Thankfully the headache dissipated after 24 hours.

5.Paring down on meds The past few days I have been able to significantly cut back on my pain meds. Though they have been necessary, they affect my mental state and I will be very glad to be off them altogether. Yay for clear thinking and a healing body! My next post-surgical check-up is Wednesday and I am praying for a good report.

Here are a few of those photos from yesterday.

Summer on the prairie

Roadside purple

Fading canola

Anybody home?

Prairie simplicity

5 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five #90

  1. So glad you were able to get out for a bit! What a great deal for trading in the mint – good idea for that restaurant! I’m glad the flu was short-lived and you’re able to cut down on the medications. Hope you have a good visit with the doctor! Good for your daughter for taking initiative with the children’s choir!


  2. That’s wonderful that you were able to cut back the pain meds. And what a great hubby to take you out for a little drive. Recovery can be so isolating and claustrophobic being in the house all the time. Fun that you got a great trade for your mint.


  3. I hope you will continue to heal and gain strength every day. Yay for getting off some of the pain meds.
    You live in a beautiful place! Love your prairie photos. I’m glad you were able to get out for the drive and enjoy the beauty.
    The children’s choir sounds like it’s going to be a great asset for you town.


  4. So glad to hear you are slowly recovering, slow is best. Enjoyed your photos as always. Has been a very busy summer for me, I am taking a 9 week course on the art of porcupine quills. We even went and got one from road kill, plucked the quills, sorted, washed and died them beautiful colors of purple, turquoise, yellow, red and blue. Now we are learning to stitch into birch bark with the quills. I still have 2 more weeks of class. In Sept. I have been asked to teach to canning courses. I plan to teach ladies in the community to make home made chow chow and mustard pickles.
    I am so thankful for my full recovery from hip surgery, I still can get pain if I over do it, but also have siactia pain, A week ago my hubby and I were able to go wild blueberry picking and between picked over 80 cups within 3 hours. For the first time I tried canning blueberry pie filling was very happy with the results.
    continuing in prayer for you, hugs, love from the east coast.


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