Friday’s Fave Five #93

On Fridays I post FFF to stop and recall blessings of the previous week. Suzanne sponsors this exercise at Living to Tell the Story and invites you to participate too!

1. Alice in Wonderland These past few months have seemed very much like my own personal Alice in Wonderland experience. My body’s response to the meds I was on caused a great deal of cognitive impairment and emotional upheaval. Over the past three months I have experienced hallucinations, depressive thoughts, accentuated fears, and have regularly misread, misheard, and misunderstood much of what filtered through my brain. I heartily sympathize with Alice and all her puzzling and weird experiences. We made the decision a couple of weeks ago to wean off the pain killers, which I have done. I’m dealing with some pain as I increase movement and physio, but the mental restoration has been a blessed relief.

2. Health update Last Wednesday my surgeon moved up to 50% weight bearing to be increased to 75% weight bearing by the time I see him again on November 1. My x-rays show no movement of the prosthesis, which is good, and healthy bone growth around the bone graft. I have some new physio which once again reminds me how weak my leg is, but I am seeing increased strength and ability as I plug away at doing my exercises.

3. Snow and cozy fires We’ve had two snowfalls thus far interspersed with some beautiful Indian summer weather. My husband is a master fire builder and built us this lovely fire to enjoy on an inclement day.

4. Visits I have enjoyed some lovely visits from family and church friends the past few weeks. My pastor’s wife, who is also unwell, organized an encouragement tea and fellowship time for me with church leadership wives a couple of weeks ago. It was a blessing to spend time with these ladies and focus on God’s goodness with them.

5. Bowl of sunshine Some little ‘adopted’ grandchildren came over and plucked the last of the summer blooms for me from our yard. We put them in a bowl of water and enjoyed this sun-dappled bowl of sunshine on our kitchen table for a few days.

Thanks for your patience as I have been away from writing the past few months. I am hoping to resume my Titus 2 Thoughts very soon, as well as stay current with FFF now that my brain fog has lifted. Hope you too, have some blessings from the week to rejoice in!

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #93

  1. I get the brain fog. I’ve been on narcotics for the past two weeks due to hysterectomy/gall bladder surgery on Sept. 25. I’m only on them at night, but that’s enough to cause brain fog!! Congratulations on weaning off of them, and I hope to be right behind you in that process.


  2. So glad to hear you are improving each day, I thought I must have missed your Friday notes, I look so forward to enjoying these times with you, I am not on pain killers so should have clued in much sooner that you are in recovery mode. Will continue to keep you in prayer. My life has been very busy here, did one class on canning but with water issues my Oct class is on hold. So wonderful to meet more people from my community, I took a porcupine quill class most of the summer, which has once again allowed me to get to know more people as well. They certainly know how I stand for Jesus one lady resorted to swearing in mikmaq so I wouldn’t know she was swearing. Another neigbor who fights with addiction calls Rick and I the angels without wings. I was able to go on their walk s we remembered women and children who have been murdered or gone missing. Once a month we have a class on nutrition which we both attend as well. This past year we had the opportunity to help the youth in a mural they are constructing for the med center, during that time we got to know a few of the young people grades 6,7 and 8. Pray for us that we can be the light of Jesus to these my people, whom I love so much.


    • Hi Marie! I loved your porcupine quill photos, especially as turquoise is a favorite color. God has certainly put you and Rick in a place where you can be light and salt. God willing, some will come to Him through your examples. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. oh that is good news about getting off all those meds!!! i am very much into letting our bodies, with the Lord’s help, heal itself. So glad you are getting off them!!

    that was very sweet of the children to pick you some flowers and for the leadership ladies to serve you!

    snow???! yikes…down here in New York state we are still sleeping with windows open and temps in the high 70s!! but that is sweet of hubby to build you a nice fire,

    Happy weekend!


  4. Oh wow – I knew pain meds could make a person foggy but didn’t know they could do all that. Glad you were able to get off them. What a blessing to have some ladies meet to fellowship with you. Those flowers are pretty, quite the day-brighteners.


  5. The bouquet that the children picked is certainly a lovely reminder of God’s beauty and their affection for you.
    I never thought of organizing an encouragement tea for someone. Was it in your home or the pastor’s wife’s home? I know just the person I’d like to do this for.
    S glad that your mental clarity is back and that you were paying attention to the side effects. That must have been scary.
    Have a great week of getting stronger physically and mentally/emotionally!


  6. I have been traveling so am very late getting around to comment on Fave Fives.
    I am glad to hear that you are improving without the meds. I am like Faith and try hard to allow nature and healthy food and God to heal my body.
    Oh, those flowers are lovely! I’m glad you could enjoy the last of summer in those blooms.
    Have a great week!


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