Friday’s Fave Five #95

My goal is to post FFF each week to make myself intentionally stop and recall blessings of the previous week. It’s amazing to me how often I have to rack my brain to think of five I want to write about when each week is full of God’s grace as well as many blessings Suzanne sponsors this exercise at Living to Tell the Story and invites you to participate too!

1.Warm weather October weather in Alberta can be really cold or it can be very pleasant. Though we’ve had snow a couple of times this fall, we’ve also enjoyed some beautiful warm days. With my current limited mobility I am grateful for every day without ice and snow so I can enjoy the sunshine and take my short daily walks unhindered.

2. Phone visit with a friend A dear friend lives thousands of miles away and recently suggested a phone chat to catch up. We thoroughly enjoyed talking together and plan to continue these visits on a regular basis.

3. Ride in the country I was feeling under the weather on a particularly warm and beautiful day. Since my husband has a lighter schedule this week he willingly took me for a drive in the country so I could enjoy the warm day. Though I will be so very glad to be cleared to drive again, I am thankful for my husband’s kindness in driving me around during my convalescence.

4. Healing My hip continues to heal and strengthen. I am now able to do more physio, walk around more, and put more weight on the leg. I am hoping to receive the green light for full weight bearing at my November 1 appointment. I am also extremely grateful for continually increasing mental acuity now that I am completely off the pain meds.

5. Handicap helps A century ago my hip condition would have meant I was relegated to the rocking chair by the pot-bellied stove and labeled as a cripple. I am so thankful that we live at a time when my hip replacement revision surgery was possible and for the many handicap-friendly aids loaned to me to help me have a safe and successful recovery.

Photos from this week – from the mountains….to the prairies….

Mountain view

Dusting of snow

Valley view

Larch branches

Sunlight and shadow

Autumn abates

Fence line fluff

Nature’s cotton candy

Pastoral peacefulness



6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #95

  1. I’m glad that you’re recovering nicely. I pray you continue to grow stronger each day! You’re so right abut modern health advances – we are blessed!

    what gorgeous photos of Alberta – you live in a beautiful place!

    Hope you have a good weekend!


  2. I’m thankful for the technology we have today in the medical field and the helps available as well. Even caring for my m-i-l – the Hoyer lift and other things make that immeasurably easier. So glad you’re steadily improving!

    Glad you had some warmer weather and were able to get out a bit. I have some balance issues left over from a spinal illness years ago so I would be pretty much housebound in Northern winters.


  3. It truly is a blessing to have the ability to surgically mend so many medical issues. Your drive in the country and your daily walks are a blessing too–I’m glad your weather has been mild so you can be active.


  4. What lovely color on the larches. Glad to hear that your hip is healing and coming along. Believing along with you that your doctor will ok full weight bearing next appt. What a blessing your hubby is to get you out a little bit.


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