Friday’s Fave Five #103

On Fridays (or as you know, sometimes later than Friday) I post FFF to be intentional about recounting blessings of the previous week. Suzanne sponsors this exercise at Living to Tell the Story and invites you to participate too!

Progress! I’m slowly creeping toward posting again on Fridays. Sunday instead of Monday is a tiny step in the right direction.

1. Iron infusions done – My IV iron treatments are done! My body is in the process of resetting and I look forward to greater stamina and improved strength in the future. Good thing they told me it takes up to three months to feel the full effects or I’d be chomping at the bit wanting to see quick results.

By the way, maybe some of you medical experts could clarify whether IV iron treatments are called transfusions or infusions. There seems to be mixed information about this. Even my nurses during treatment interchanged the terms.

2. Grocery savings – The first Tuesday of the month several local grocery stores offer 10 – 15% off your total order. This week I went to the Sobeys at Ellerslie to shop. They offer 15% off and have a large gluten free / organic / natural foods section that I like. On Tuesday I met the manager of that section, a young woman who is a registered dietician and loves to help people with their special diet questions. It was an extra bonus to chat with her in addition to receiving the discount.

3. Visit with a ministry friend – Another area pastor’s wife came for a visit this week. I’ve been so out of the loop the past year and most of my contact with ministry friends has been via electronic media. It was a special blessing to have face to face time with her

4. Dishwasher – We are reminded in Scripture to give thanks in every situation, but often I find my default reaction is complaining like the children of Israel. I have not yet quite figured out the blessing of the situation, but our dishwasher broke this week with a terrible grinding sound and the burning smell of an electrical fire. It already had smaller problem which would cost at least $100 for parts plus the repairman’s cost so we decided to replace instead of repair.

The dishwasher is my number one favorite kitchen appliance, but I have never had one perform without the need to call a service person at least once every two or three years, so I’ve always opted for an extended service contract. And, I do have an extended warranty on my dishwasher which would normally take care of service and parts, but the dishwasher and contract were with Sears which went bankrupt in Canada last year making null and void my contract.

When my DW went kaput right before a week of company and one of the most intense weeks in the year for us and the college, I slipped into panic mode. Prayer and common sense have since prevailed, and I am employing the Japanese style of dishwashing as my sister-in-law calls it – wash dishes under hot running water using a soapy cloth. I have reminded myself that I have someone coming to help me around the house while my guests are here, and I will be chill about dishes being stacked in the sink if I need to rest instead. I am still trying to recover from my unexpected medical journey this past year and fretting over dirty dishes is not worth a setback in my health.

5. Craft area clean up – I usually employ a delightful piling system when working on projects. I have everything spread out on my desk, the floor around my chair, and any reachable nearby surface. My husband calls me messy, but I claim it’s the hallmark of a creative mind. But to keep peace, practice discipline, and salve the twitchy part of me that is the highly sensitive person, I purge, clean and tidy periodically. My wonderful house helper is better at organizing than I am and her recent suggestions for taming my craft space are currently being implemented. It’s already looking neater and I really do enjoy the calmness a tidy space evokes.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five #103

  1. Hi, I’m visiting from Friday’s Fave Five. I hope you regain your strength very quickly, even before the 3 months is up. But I also hope that your recuperation time is full of peaceful moments and refreshment. I am absolutely certain that your guests do not care if your sink is piled with dishes. They only care about seeing you and spending time with you! I guess I wash dishes the japanese way all the time, for I never fill the sink with water. I use a soapy sponge under the running water.



  2. I hope you feel benefits from the iron infusions/transfusions soon. I depend a lot on my dishwasher, too. Will you be able to get a new one soon? I agree, dirty dishes are not worth fretting about. Yay for the grocery savings and visit with friends.


  3. Appliances never go kaputs at a convenient time, do they? I suppose the good thing would be that you didn’t have a fire. With a house full of dayhome kids I really rely on my dishwasher or I’d be at the sink all day, but I suppose, if I had to I would survive. I hope you get that new one soon. Hope you get that strength back quickly.


  4. Oh dear on the dishwasher. We are on our THIRD dishwasher in this house which we built in 1994 and this time we got a BOCSH Silencer plus. ANd although it was pricey it is AMAZING and guarenteed to last a LONG time. I love it. What helps is the inside is stainless steel. and the top layer is where the flatware lies flat!! No more bending down to remove the utensils. I just love it. Highly recommend them. (Sears went bankrupt all over the states too not just canada…..their appliances were AWFUL!!!)

    i don’t know what iron transfusions/infusions are for but good luck with it! Glad you are up and about…..


  5. I’m glad you are recovering from this past year and even having visits and overnight company. I hope the dishwasher issue resolves itself soon in the form of a new model.
    Have a great week!


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