Friday’s fave Five #105

On Fridays I post FFF to be intentional about recounting blessings of the previous week. Suzanne sponsors this exercise at Living to Tell the Story and invites you to participate too!

1. Mother’s Day – My daughters brought Mother’s Day brunch over before church. The weather was warm and sunny, so we enjoyed an el fresco meal while chatting and spending family time together .

2. Herb Garden – My herb garden is planted! I used my gift card from a favorite nursery to select about a dozen different herbs for my raised bed planter. My husband planted flowers in the railing boxes, and we need to get our vegetables in soon. The growing season is short but intense here with the long days of summer sunshine and I am grateful for the blessing of warm weather after a very long, cold winter.

3. Ministry friends – It ended up that the college guest speaker and his wife did not stay in our home this past week after all. My husband had a stomach bug right before they were due to arrive, so the college board did not want to take chances that I might get it and pass it on to our guests. We were able to host them for several meals during the week and were blessed by fellowship with these new friends.

4. Rest – God prescribed rest as part of His creative process. It has been a long and intense couple of months for us and we look forward to an upcoming restful week.

5. Loving husband – This has been a doozy of a year health wise for me. While the recent iron infusions seem to be nudging my stamina and energy forward, I still am fairly frail and unable to handle much social interaction or physical activity in a day. It has not helped that in my weakened condition I still am dealing with secondary conditions and even sometimes negative effects from the meds and treatments for these conditions. I am researching and deciding the best way to heal my immune system in light of my body’s particular reactions and requirements. Throughout this whole process my husband has been a kind and helpful support. I am so very blessed by his loving assistance as well as the help of my family and friends.

And a bonus blessing: Less than two months now before we see the these special kiddos!

5 thoughts on “Friday’s fave Five #105

  1. I have found raw baby spinach topped with sliced strawberries (which will be in season again when I go to MN in late June), and pecans a tasty salad. Raw spinach is loaded with natural iron and my surgeon recommended that when I had radiation and for my Mom when her hemogloubin and strength went down with colon cancer. It helps me a lot when my blood dips some. And the food is good!!! Praying for you, Debbie! I investigated whether it would be possible to come up your way as I am going to be in Great Falls the end of July but money and time were both factors in my trip. I am flying out to see my Concordia roommates. Love, Rachel


  2. Hope your husband is feeling better – glad you didn’t get the stomach bug. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Great to have your herb garden in. Hope you have a restful week.


  3. A diet full of lots of raw veggie (eat the rainbow of colors) is one of the best ways to renew your health.
    Your Mother’s Day celebration sounds like a great time.
    Have a good weekend!


  4. I don’t know what your health issue is but i have to agree with the above statements! When i had Lyme disease back in 2002-2004 ( went undiagnosed for 8 months then misdiagnosed for several!!) the best way i got my strength back was a LOT of veggies, both roasted and raw as well as many different kinds of fruits and i stopped using dairy. Dairy causes inflammation as does beef and pork! Once i got rid of those items from my daily diet, i was soooo much more energetic and rarely get ill. Also lots of good water each day…half your body weight in water to flush out toxins. I have many great recipes on my blog under the label faithfixes on the right hand side. You are welcome to copy any that you see!!

    Sounds like a week full of special blessings and I hope your hubby is feeling better!


  5. Hope your hubby is feeling better. What a blessing to have his love, help and support as you try to figure out your own health. Love your Mother’s Day pictures. Sounds like it was a lovely day with your family honoring you.


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