Friday Fave Five #110

FFF swirly

Last year it snowed on the last day of summer. Looks like we will miss that distinction this year. We have had lovely warm weather so far this September, but fall is imposing herself on us. The trees are quickly yellowing and every slight puff of wind showers the landscape with abandoned leaves.We Albertans know that warm weather can transform into wintery in a flash this time of year so we enjoy each day of sunshine and warmth that comes our way!

1. Sodastream plus peach vinegar – yum! Our son and daughter-in-law gave us a Sodastream last year. I’m not at all mechanical and never really took the time to learn how to use it until this summer when my daughter-in-law patiently showed me how. She used it regularly but I used it only occasionally during their month long visit until……my youngest daughter introduced me to one of those fancy olive oil and vinegar stores. We went in and sampled many delicious oils, vinegars, and salts. One display had samples of soda water with various vinegars added. Sounds weird, but it tastes delicious! My favorite is peach white vinegar added to my soda stream, and boy, is it good!

2. Purging stuff We were kicking around the idea of holding a garage sale while my China family was here since my d-i-l likes that sort of thing and I knew I did not have the energy to do it myself. In the end we decided to ditch the garage sale idea and just spend time together. The diabetes group came and picked up all the stuff we had collected and now our garage is much more tidy.

3. Yeti thermal tumbler It’s fun to learn about new gadgets and devices. I was recently given a large 30 oz Yeti thermal tumbler, a brand and product that was new to me. I pretty much carry tea around with me all day and this mighty mug keeps my hot beverages hot for a very long time. I’m really liking it!

4. Slipping back into ministry After two plus years of medical chaos following my emergency surgery I am feeling stable enough to resume some previous ministries. I’m grateful for the improvement and look forward to continuing the Titus 2 model of an older woman teaching the younger.

5. Community choir I have always loved to sing but like many other things in life I did not have much confidence in my efforts. My oldest daughter leads an adult community choir which another daughter and I have joined. I am learning so much, enjoying meeting others in my community, and I get to hang out with my kids!

Here are a few rural Alberta photos from last month:

4 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five #110

  1. I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better and are able to step back into some ministries and activities again. We had a SodaStream but didn’t really like it. but my oldest son loved it, so we sent it home with him after one of his visits. There are a few groups here that will pick up used items, a great help.


  2. I’m glad you’ve found a way to enjoy your SodaStream. I don’t drink soda so I would have given it away like Barbara did.
    I know you will be blessed as you get back in to ministries and others will be too.
    Have a good week!


  3. I have a soda stream that I don’t use very much. I have tasted those fancy oils and vinegars. I never thought to pair vinegar with the soda Stream. I want to check that out. As I know getting more vinegar into my diet would be helpful.
    Congrats on purging your garage. I think having a garage sale is a lot of work, too. I usually end up donating my stuff to a charity shop. Reading about your industriousness makes me want to get out there and take care of my garage. At least I have a good reason to not do it right now since my right arm is in a sling. 🙂
    I’m glad that your health and your confidence are getting to the place where you are doing more things like ministry and a community choir. Sounds like both of these endeavors are a great fit. And it is a great plus that you get to hang out with your kids.
    Wow, your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.
    Have a great week.
    Susan from


  4. I would never have thought to use those vinegars with a soda stream. I have a Cara-Cara orange/vanilla one that I bet would be good in there too. Glad that you are finally starting to be able to resume some ministry which is close to your heart. It’s good to declutter and purge, isn’t it? I don’t do yard sales anymore, just way too much work for the return, so I donate my items too. I like it better because I can do that regularly rather than sitting on stuff for years waiting for it to build up enough to do a decent sale.


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