Friday Fave Five #111

Why do I begin this September post with such a wintery picture? We’ve barely crossed the portal from summer into fall and, dear friends, this weekend in central Alberta the thermometer has crawled to just above zero C. While snow is not forecast for our particular area, many places in southern and western Alberta are bracing for an early heavy blast of snow. Alas, my hopes for a prolonged Indian summer have been dashed!

1. Peaceful photography This past week my dear husband drove me around to capture rural autumn photos. Sometimes on these jaunts we grab a beverage before we head out and sometimes it’s just the two of us and my camera. He helps me look for beautiful or unusual scenes or objects in nature to photograph while we spend time together. Sometimes we chat and other times we quietly reflect on the beautiful area we live in.

2. Eye can still see! One thing I have learned to appreciate in a new way is the ability to see. A vision concern that cropped up as I dealt with many health issues after my surgery was the possibility that my retina was detaching. I was experiencing ongoing bright flashes and large, dark floaters in my eyes. My opthamologist was out of town and her office sent me to the ER for evaluation. Thankfully the retina did not detach and I was simply experiencing one of the inevitable symptoms of aging. I have had eye related issues all of my life. I was diagnosed with amblyopia (lazy eye) and severe astigmatism at age 5 so in one way my eyes have never been that great, but this new condition has me straining to see clearly at times. These floaters are interesting to get used to as there is always “stuff” swimming around in my field of vision. It reminds me of the water in a fish bowl. If you feed your fish too much or do not clean the bowl as often as you should, the water became clouded with little bits of debris. Looking through the debris field while driving at night or in a storm requires extra caution and concentration. Thankfully our bodies adjust and I am very, very grateful that I can still see and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

3. Community choir As my health improves I am working to be less wearied by social interaction. Joining the community choir run by my oldest daughter has been a step toward that. Saturday we joined her children’s choirs for a short performance in our small town. It’s been fun and challenging and I continue to learn much about music.

4. Of shorts and flip flops We Albertans are a hearty lot, and this time of year I am amused by how many folks wear shorts and sandals or flip flops as temperatures drop and snow threatens to fly. These past few days have been cold and rainy. Stalwart pedestrians I drove past were bent over, hoodies shielding their faces, but still wearing shorts and flip flops. I must admit that I do try and wear my sandals until slush and snow make it too uncomfortable to continue, but no shorts for me!

5. Farewell to gardening…until spring This week I harvested my herbs and picked the remaining green beans from our raised garden beds. I dry the herbs and use them in my cooking over the winter so that, in a sense, my garden stays with me throughout the winter. Yes, I know I can grow herbs indoors over the winter, and perhaps someday I will try and do so, but I still seem to kill off most indoor plants so I’m not really inspired to try growing indoor herbs yet.


5 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five #111

  1. Another Canadian friend wrote about snow. Yikes! Hopefully it’s a fluke and fallish weather will come back before winter settles in.

    I had an eye doctor appointment this week for the same thing. I was relived to find out my retina wasn’t detaching (That happened to my husband a few years ago. After one doctor in the practice told him on Friday he was just getting older, a different one on Monday diagnosed a detached retina. He had surgery, which caused a cataract and needed another surgery. Though he regained some vision, his sight has never been quite the same. So I have been sensitive to eye issues since then). A dirty fish bowl is a good way to describe the floaters.


  2. oh I do hope your cold weather and snow is just a weird short thing and that you wil soon begin to enjoy autumn. we are having the start of a GLORIOUS autumn here in New York (I live about 2 hours north of NYC and about an hour west of western MA, about 3 hours south of Montreal. (just outside ALbany NY). We are LOVING our autumn weather!

    I’m sorry to hear of your eyes….prayerfully things will get better for you. As I age, I’ve noticed that dietary changes really do help. we do NOT have to age badly you know. It’s all about getting some g ood workouts in daily and eating less crap and more plants 🙂

    LOVE those photos you posted!!

    How fun to be in a community choir!


  3. What a sweet thing you and your hubby do together. I know those floaties are a real pain but so glad your retina did not detach! You guys missed the snow this weekend? Stop by my blog and see the pics of what we got. It was crazy. It actually pretty much shut our city down today, which never happens. I remember visiting preachers commenting on they knew they were in Alberta because people were in down filled jackets and shorts and sandals. LOL. We are a hardy lot.


  4. Your photographs are beautiful and peaceful. I especially liked the photo at the barn. What a meaningful experience that your husband supports you in your hobby.
    Yikes, it is early for snow. I have to say when I lived in snow country I am one of the people who wore shorts, sandals, and bundled up on top. However, it’s been 18 years
    since I’ve lived with Snow. And I don’t think I would wear shorts and sandals now.
    Hooray for our body’s ability to adjust. I pray your vision continues to get better.
    Wonderful to hear that your body is getting stronger so that you can do things like the community choir. I bet it was fun to sing with the children’s choir.
    Have a good week.


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