Friday Fave Five #113

1. Opportunity to vote Canada called an election for October 21. Recently Elections Canada has offered early polling, more voting locations for registered voters, and the freedom to vote at any location in your province with proper paperwork and ID. My husband and I took advantage of one of the early polling days and found the polling station doing a brisk business. Yay for democracy!

2. Better than last year My firbromyalgia has flared up again. While there have been no dietary, supplement, or medical changes, the weather has certainly been colder, which seems to affect my body negatively. The thing is, even though I again have pain and some muscle spasms, I am in a far better place than I was a year ago at this time. For that I am very, very grateful.

3. Facetime and WeChat Though I am firmly planted in the prairies of western Canada, I have children and grandchildren living in China and the US. Last night I was working on a card order and chatted the whole time via Facetime with my daughter in South Carolina. On WeChat my 3 year old grandson in China left me a delightful audio message and my daughter-in-law and I discussed a book we are both reading via chat messages. What a gift!

4. Growth in understanding  As we age and continue in our Christian walk we can have “aha” moments where we realize things we were taught or things we assumed about what we were taught are wrong. I am grateful and humbled that God continues to teach us and transform our thinking as we filter our lives through His word. In the past we plowed through life and ministry without regular days off  and with only very occasional times away to recharge. Studying the life of Christ and the sabbath rest does not support that behaviour. Yes, there are times or even seasons when we need to set aside those restorative times, but there is nothing sacred or inherently spiritual about needlessly driving yourself into ineffectiveness or illness by refusing to rest and restore. With renewed appreciation we are looking forward to enjoying three days in the mountains on an upcoming mid-semester break.

5. Bathroom fixed Our main bathroom toilet leaked, damaged the subfloor, and caused some of the floor tiles to break. This week a local contractor did an excellent job of fixing the problem and replacing our flooring. We were without that bathroom for about a month so it is great to have it usable again.

These are a special order card and a few other cards I have been working on. I did post some of these on my Purple Grandma Designs facebook page, but many of you may not have seen them. This week I am organizing my craft area in preparation for making Christmas cards. Christmas is coming!

Special order card

I like the layered look of the desert scene with mountains in the background and cacti in the front.

Trying out one of my new Christmas dies!

A new die for my literature collection of dies.

This was fun to add details to this pretty die.

I am fond of the silhouette dies. The cat playing with the yarn is a cute detail!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five #113

  1. What a blessing it is that your health is better this year when compared to last year.
    How fun that technology helped you to be able to “visit” with family members in various parts of the world. My granddaughters and I FaceTime several times a week. And I’m grateful were able to build a relationship that way since they live on the opposite coast of where I live.
    Your cards are very nice. How fun to have a hobby and business in something that you like doing and have a talent for. I especially like the Batman card.
    Hooray for early voting. I always take advantage of that here, too. Although ours is only through the mail.
    What a relief to have your bathroom back.
    Have a great week.
    Susan From FruitfulWords


  2. We like early voting, too, and are so glad that’s offered. I’m thankful you’re better physically than you were last year. Pain and muscle spasms are still no fun. I am so grateful for the ways we have to communicate with loved ones. For most of my adult life, I could only call my mom once a month. I’m so grateful my kids can call more often! And then to FaceTime and see them while we talk is wonderful. I’m thankful, too, that God still teaches us and adjusts our thinking. Your upcoming 3-day weekend sound lovely. Glad your bathroom is fixed! Those cards are wonderful.


  3. I’m glad your health is better than last year but it must still be hard living with pain and muscle spasms. Yes Yay for technology. It’s so easy to stay in touch with family. Your cards are lovely and you must be so relieved to have your bathroom back to normal.


  4. I missed the early voting. Was too busy this weekend but the regular voting is right at the school across the street so it will be easy. So nice having technology for staying in touch. Loved your number 4.


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