Friday Fave Fave #114

1. Refreshing time away We were able to spend a few days in Banff and Canmore this past week. I still remember the first time over 30 years ago when we visited the Canadian Rockies a scant hour away from our new hometown of Calgary. There was such joy and peace and awe in observing the glorious craggy rocks jutting up so majestically from a pristine forested landscape. It’s no less majestic or awe-inspiring today and we loved our few days of rest there.

2. Insulin pump Our third daughter has had type 1 diabetes since she was 10. This week, over 20 years later, she received her first insulin pump. We are rejoicing with her and pray for better health and management for her because of this wonderful appliance.

3. Visiting old friends It’s always a blessing to visit with old friends. We connected with some friends in Canmore and later in Calgary on our way home where we enjoyed a blessed time of fellowship together.

4. Thanksgiving dinner The American in me still blinks when Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated in October. It’s less of a big deal in Canada but still a time for a family meal and fun times together. This year my daughters hosted dinner at their home and our married daughter and her husband joined us and our borrowed family in town for a delicious ham dinner. Afterward we played Timeline and we even convinced my husband, who is not a games person, to join in.

5 Mountain photography One of the reasons I love to visit the mountains is the opportunity to take pictures. The time of day, season of the year, clouds, snow and wind all provide an ever-changing landscape to photograph. Several people have asked me to make some more scripture cards, my photos with scripture verses added to them. I was pleased with some of the pictures from this past week and will share the scripture cards when I get them designed.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fave Fave #114

  1. I enjoy reading your posts! Visited Banff on our first vacation from Vancouver Island. I was pregnant with our one and only son who is 35 now! Loved the majesty of that area. Your pictures will make lovely cards.


  2. What beautiful scenes! I’m glad you had the opportunity to visit them in person. I’m thankful your daughter got the insulin pump. Belated Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Do you celebrate the American Thanksgiving, too?


  3. Those are beautiful photos and will make great Scripture cards.
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and yours. (Living in an Asian country, we never had Thanksgiving Day off as a holiday. My kids didn’t really know about Thanksgiving until we returned to the US)
    I’m glad you had that opportunity to fellowship with long time friends. That’s a true blessing.


  4. I love that our Thanksgiving is in October. It really lets you focus on the meaning whereas I feel having it late in November it is too close to Christmas and it seems like the American holiday has now become more of a big kickoff to the shopping season rather than focusing on being thankful. I love Banff and Canmore. Haven’t been there in years. Seeing the larches turn to gold is on my bucket list but the two weeks they do that is such a hard time for me to get there. Love your mountain photos.


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