Friday’s Fave Five #58

FFF tulips

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

1. Thunderstorms We had a lovely thunderstorm last night. When we lived in South Carolina and saw that a storm was brewing, we would gather our small children and sit on the front porch to experience the passing storm. My husband would tell the children that they did not have to be afraid of thunder, for it was simply God talking. (Job 37 and other passages) Thunderstorms are not as common here so we especially appreciated last night’s demonstration of light and sound.

2. Flowers Our wild rose bush and irises are blooming. Such pretty spots of color in the yard!

IMG_6376 IMG_6393

3. Answer to prayer Daughter number 3 has been working three part time jobs since losing her job in October. One of those part time jobs will become a full time job with benefits at the end of this month. We are so thankful for this answer to prayer!

4. Meal with friends Eating out can be tricky for people like me who are gluten intolerant. Last week we enjoyed a meal with friends at Red Robin where they seem to take allergies seriously, and I enjoyed a delicious, safe meal.

5. Anniversary I thank God for my husband, who loves God and is serious about his ministries to God’s people. Wednesday was our 37th anniversary. Neither of us was feeling great that day so we nabbed take out at Edo Japan, where they also are careful in preparing meals for those with food sensitivities.

Saturday my oldest daughter and I took a drive in the country on a sometimes rainy day. We had great conversation and I was able to take some pictures. So here are Five Fave Photos from this week:

IMG_6277 - Copy

IMG_6313 - Copy IMG_6308 - Copy IMG_6268 - Copy IMG_6259 - Copy - Copy


Prairie Glimpses – Flora

Today I am posting pictures of some of the flowers, grasses, and trees we saw on our trip to south-central Alberta. Beauty can be found in some unusual places. Even the lowliest weed looks beautiful in the sunlight! Fields of overgrown grass remind me of the sea as they undulate and gently murmur in the prairie wind.  Alberta wild roses are beginning to bloom, their frilly pink blossoms gracing fence posts, abandoned homesteads, and deserted fields throughout Alberta. God’s creation is amazing!

6-8-15 at the cabin (7) 6-9-15 (1) 6-9-15 (21) 6-9-15 (37) 6-9-15 (43) 6-9-15 (46) 6-9-15 (58) 6-12-15 (42) 6-12-15 (52) 6-12-15 (114)undulating grassesAlberta Wild Rose