Friday’s Fave Five #14

FFF tulips

On Fridays we stop to recount some of the many blessings from the past week.  This exercise, sponsored by Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story, helps us to focus on positive things from our week.

These have been a couple of intense weeks for our family as my husband was occupied with the end of the college semester then cloistered to finish dissertation writing, surgery for a daughter, a spring thaw induced leak in our basement guest bedroom, another daughter making decisions regarding future schooling, working to research and resolve unexpected tax issues… know, LIFE!

In the midst of all this there have been some large and small blessings.

1.  Bright, colourful flowers….Some lovely tulips and daffodils purchased at the grocery store brightened the kitchen table and reminded us that spring is soon upon us.  We don’t plant outdoors until late May – the Victoria Day weekend – because we all know that it can still occasionally snow in May (and is forecast to do just that this coming Sunday!)

2.  Appointment!…My appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is set for June 9!!  Hopefully I’ll have a replaced hip before the snow flies again in the fall.

3. God in the midst of uncertain times...I am blessed and calmed to remember that God is our anchor in the midst of uncertain outcomes

4.  Deep purple amethysts…About 15 years ago I bought an amethyst ring and a local department store.  It was 70% off, my ring size, and the loveliest shade of deep purple.  Though I had never been much of a jewelry person before, I loved that simple pretty purple ring and wore it all of the time.  A couple of months ago the now-thinned sterling silver band broke, and though I may get that amethyst reset some day, I decided to order a replacement ring off etsy.  It arrived this week and is very lovely and fits perfectly. 20140502_145320

5. Those who help…I am grateful for the students and friends who are helping us with the basement leak.  Tonight Jon is coming over to cut up the carpet and take it out.  Earlier in the week he stopped by and pulled back the damp carpet.  Underneath the carpet and pad was standing water.  Best case scenario: it leaked in around the window. Worst case:  a crack in the foundation.  I’m glad for friends who are willing to help us figure out problems like this that are beyond my experience and expertise.

Hope you have some exceptional blessings this week.

Friday’s Fave Five #5

1.  The lost is found.  A few years ago my husband and I had the privilege of going on the Journeys of Paul study tour in Turkey, Greece and Italy.  As a visual learner I often had fuzzy mental images of the places I read about in Scripture.  The tour helped clarify geography, travel, culture and climate which has enriched my reading significantly.

While in Istanbul we experienced the Grand Bazaar.  Noisy masses of humanity bobbed and flowed past fishmongers, jewelers, spice merchants, and purveyors of carpets, textiles, and exotic foods.  We were beckoned and urged into shop after shop where merchants hawked their wares and did their best to convince us to buy from them.

The expected bargaining and haggling over prices surprisingly intimidated me, but my unflappable husband was a pro at it.  We walked away with some lovely jewelry and with two bolster covers emblazoned with the symbol of an admired Turkish sultan.  The color and muted pattern perfectly complemented our living room furniture.

This past July our son and his family were here on their summer break from teaching in China so a number of things had been   Bolster from Turkeymoved around to accommodate them.  While they were here we did a massive ‘clean out and purge’ of all closets and cupboards.  My tidy youngest daughter was helping me purge and would exuberantly hold things up and say, “Mom, do you REALLY need to keep this?” and joyfully chuck it into the recycle bag.

After the Chinese branch of the family moved on, and my daughter left for college, I noticed one of the bolsters was missing.  I looked everywhere I could think of and had my house helpers look in places I could not access.  Nothing.  I guessed that the bolster had accidentally flown the coop in the great summer purge.  Sigh.  At least we still had one left.

While preparing for my niece to come visit last week, my daughter found the bolster wedged in a spot between the wall and the corner of the bunk bed in the room the grandchildren stay in each summer.  I don’t know how everyone who looked for it had missed it, but here it was, the lost now found!  I had a better understanding of the biblical lost and found passages after this missing bolster resurfaced.  Thank you Lord for joy in the little things.

2.  An appointment date!  After a long wait, I finally have an appointment with the Hip and Knee clinic on March 21.  The medical system in Canada can be slow so I am grateful for this next step in the process.  I won’t likely be running any marathons in the future but it would be lovely to walk again without a cane.

3.  God is loving and merciful   I am particularly grateful for God’s love and mercy.  In times of sadness, when our own failures or those of others near us cause us to pause and take stock, it is a particular blessing to remember that He will never leave us or forsake us and that there is forgiveness with our loving Father.

4.  More good experiences  This week we ate out once and had take out once (thanks to our niece!)   I have had such violent reactions to foods lately I was a bit skeptical about eating food from new places.  But both of them turned out great, with no bad reactions!  I have learned to ask lots of questions and let people know what my ‘allergies’ are.  So glad to find some more ‘safe’ places to eat.

5.  Rrrroll up the Rrrrim to Win Every February Canadians look forward to Tim Horton’s Rrrrroll up the Rrrrrim to Win contest. The contest is a fun pause in midst of winter weather and reminds us that spring is (hopefully) just around the corner.  It’s so much fun to roll up the rim of your cup and find ‘WIN COFFEE’ or ‘WIN DONUT.’ Of course there are grander prizes to be won but so far no one I know has won a big prize.  Some years we win a lot of ‘PLEASE PLAY AGAIN.’  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the contest and each cup has two parts of the rim to roll up!???????????????????????????????