Friday’s Fave Five #18

FFF spring


On Fridays we stop to be thankful for a few blessings from the previous week.  Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts this little exercise in thankfulness and it has blessed my soul to participate.  Following are a few highlights from my very busy week.

1.  Hip replacement, here we come! On Monday I was finally able to see the orthopedic surgeon who will be doing my hip replacement surgery.  I am now officially in line for a hip replacement.  The standard wait time here in Alberta after seeing the surgeon is 4 – 6 months.  We have asked to be put on a cancellation list so could be called in earlier if someone else drops out.  I am praying that I can have this done before winter weather arrives.

2.  The herb garden is prospering. My little herb garden is doing well.  A surprise this year is some of the herbs wintered overHerb Garden 2 and have come back up from last year.  This is especially amazing since my herb garden is in a ‘raised bed’ built off the rail of the deck so the cold winter elements totally surround the box.  I thought the thyme had returned, but further growth shows it is the summer savory that made it through the winter.

3.  Fragrant lilacs We purchased this house in February when the entire yard was snowed in.  Lilac 6A surprise that first spring was the beautiful dark pinky-purple lilacs in the back yard.  Since dark purple is my favorite color I delight each spring at these fragrant and beautiful blossoms.

4.  New website Our new website has launched.  Designed  to minister to women in ministry, our goal is to encourage those who labor as pastor’s wives, missionaries, Christian school teachers etc.  We’ve had it up for about a month now and are generating good interest and feedback.

5.  Gluten free blessings On our two week ‘staycation’ we got to rest a lot, eat out more than usual, and take a few rides in the country.  Tuesday my husband drove me around to a couple of gluten free bakeries in Edmonton.  We stopped at a place where he wanted to eat, a place featuring homemade pies and sandwiches (not gluten-free friendly) and then drove to the other end of town where we located the two gluten free bakeries.  One of them in particular, RioVida, has a lot more that just bread and treats and we came away with some delicious gluten free entrees, treats, and bread to freeze and pull out as needed.  Some gluten free foods taste awful so it was delightful to find a place where the food was safe for me to eat and was also delicious!

What blessings did your week hold for you?