Friday Fave Five #84

Susanne hosts Living to Tell the Story and encourages others to share blessings of the week on Fridays. Here are a few of mine from this week.

1. Spring! After all that snow in April we have finally been enjoying exceptionally warm and sunny days. Three of our daughters came over Monday night and we grilled shrimp skewers and ate outside. Anna made another British Cooking show recipe for the family to enjoy.

Alberta skies

Anna bakes our day!

2. Provision We are rejoicing that this week God provided Anna with a better paying job.

3. Vocabulary I love words. I love the nuances that words give to a sentence or story. I love learning new words and playing games like Balderdash that teach new words.

Sadly, I’m not a very good speller. I used to ask my mom how to spell certain words (my mom was a wiz with spelling and grammar.) She would ALWAYS tell me to look it up in the dictionary. This did not make sense to my young mind. How can you look it up if you don’t know how it is spelled? And, of course, she would then say, “Sound it out.” So, I would look it up, sound it out, and learn something.

But when I was bored I would sit and read entry after entry in the dictionary just for fun. I learned about forms and tenses and definitions and punctuation, and pronunciation (I just had to look up that spelling!) and all kinds of helpful details.

This week a young man came to our door selling security systems. (He reminded me of a young Larry Fitch, a man I first met in my college days whose life has blessed my family at various times in the years since.) This salesman was giving me his spiel in a friendly, non-pushy way when out came the words incremental and decremental. Now, incremental I knew, but decremental? That was new to me. I’m afraid I heard little of his talk after that. I was turning the word over in my mind and delighting in the fact that a techy kid at the door taught me a new word!

4. Progress I have about half of my culled books ready to sell. Yay for sorting and purging!

5. More deals The first Tuesday of every month two local grocery stores offer a percentage off your shopping that day. One offers 15% and the other 10%. I made it to both stores this month to pick up items each stocks that the other does not. When I got to the checkout at the 10% store, they were giving customers 15% off that day. That was an unexpected blessing.

Thanks to everyone who told me my FFF link wasn’t working. I think I have it fixed now!!

Some pictures of my cute grandchildren in China

Clover field beauty

This stuff is itchy!

Brotherly love

Here are some custom order cards from this week for Purple Grandma Designs

For a 102-year-old mom!!

Custom order card

Custom order card

Discouragement Worksheet

This worksheet augments the lesson on Discouragement recently presented to the pastors’ wives at the National Church Planters’ Conference in Mentor Ohio, sponsored by ARCH Ministries.  These sessions were adapted from my ladies’ Sunday School series on Biblical Womanhood created for Meadowlands Baptist Church of Edmonton.

Causes of Discouragement – Worksheet


Following are biblical examples of people who faced discouragement.  We will see the biblical response of encouragement in the next lesson.

D – Disagreements and conflicts – Discouragement in RELATIONSHIPS

  • David and King Saul – 1 Samuel 18
    • Saul was David’s father-in-law
    • The throne was removed from Saul and promised to David
    • Saul tried to kill David
  • Barnabas and Paul – Acts 15
    • Barnabas was an encourager
    • Barnabas and Paul disagreed about ministry
    • Barnabas and Paul parted ways and conducted separate ministries

I –Issues with finances and possessions – Discouragement in PROVISION

  • Job lost all of his possessions – Job 1
    • Job was a very wealthy man
    • God took away all of his assets
    • Job’s wife told him to curse God and die
  • Widow and the cruse of oil – 1 Kings 17
    • Because of the famine the widow had almost nothing
    • Her creditors threatened to sell her sons into slavery to collect their money
    • Elijah’s commands to her required great faith on her part

S – Spiritual Warfare – Discouragement in SPIRITUAL WARFARE

  • Elijah and the 450 false prophets of Baal – 1 Kings 18 – 19
    • Elijah thought he stood alone fighting against idolatry
    • There was a showdown on Mt Carmel
    • Jezebel sent her servants to find and kill Elijah
  • Jeremiah prophesies to an unbelieving Israel – Jeremiah 20, 32, 37, 38
    • Jeremiah warned the people of judgment
    • Jeremiah was imprisoned, persecuted, and thrown into a wel
  • Vision in Daniel 10
    • Daniel fasted and prayed 21 days waiting for the Lord
    • The angel fought with Satan for those 21 days until Michael came and helped him

C – Circumstances – Discouragement in our CIRCUMSTANCES

  • Children of Israel as they wandered through the desert  Numbers 21:4
    • The Jews (likely a million or so people) wandered in the desert for 40 years
    • Their disbelief caused those over 20 to be kept out of the Promised Land (Numbers 14)
  • David at Ziklag – I Samuel 30
    • The city was burned and the women and children taken captive
    • Some of David’s men wanted to kill him
  • Isaac and Rebekah and the wives of Esau –Genesis 26: 34 – 35
    • Esau did things his own way
    • Esau married Canaanite wives in spite of God’s commands
  • Naomi – Ruth 1 -2
    • Naomi and her family had to leave Israel because of famine
    • Naomi’s husband and two sons died in Moab
    • Naomi the widow returned to Israel with her foreign daughter-in-law
  • King Asa and the 1 million Ethiopians – 2 Chronicles 14:10-12
    • The Ethiopian army greatly outnumbered the Israeli army
    • Victory was humanly impossible

O – Our Sin / Sinful Responses – Discouragement due to our CHOICES

  • Jonah – Jonah 1 -4
    • Jonah ran away from God
    • Jonah’s disobedience caused others to be in danger
    • Jonah did not like it when God granted forgiveness to Nineveh
  • Samson – Judges 14 -16 (entire book of Judges describes the cycle of the Judges)
    • Samson did God’s work in his own way
    • Samson’s disobedience cost him his ministry and ultimately his life
  • Israel making a golden calf at Mount Sinai – Exodus 32
    • The people would not wait for Moses to return
    • They made idols to worship God their own way

U – Unfulfilled Expectations – Discouragement of DISAPPOINTED EXPECTATIONS

  • Disciples after Christ was crucified – Matthew 26:56; John 20:19
    • The disciples thought Christ’s kingdom would be in their lifetime
    • They were dismayed when Christ was crucified like a common criminal
  • Abraham  and the promise of an heir – Genesis 15; 16: 1-2
    • Abraham was promised an heir when he was 90
    • Sarah and Abraham had a hard time waiting and believing so they “helped” God

R – Response to emotional pain – Discouraging WORDS and EMOTIONS

  • Hannah – 1 Samuel 1
    • Peninnah taunted Hannah and mocked her childlessness
    • Hannah was in distress of soul
  • The Children of Israel and the report from 10 of the 12 spies – Numbers 13; Numbers 32:9; Deuteronomy 1:28
    • The spies did not believe God
    • Their words influenced the others

A – Answers to Prayer are Delayed –Discouragement of UNANSWERED PRAYER

  • King Jehoram, Elisha, and the siege of Samaria – 2 Kings 6 and 7
    • The siege had lasted a long time so that some people had resorted to cannibalism
    • The king blamed Elisha and wanted to kill him
  • The Shunamite’s son who died 2 Kings 4
    • Because the Shunamite ministered to Elisha and his servant, God gave her a son
    • Her son died unexpectedly of a fever
    • She ran to Elisha for help

G – Grieving God – Discouragement of our SPIRITUAL FAILURES

  • David – Bathsheba  2 Samuel 12:9; Psalm 51:4  David ignored his kingly responsibilities.
    • David committed sin with Bathsheba, then had her husband killed
    • Nathan the prophet confronted David
  • Lot – Living in Sodom  2 Peter 2:7
    • Lot chose the best land
    • Lot’s righteous soul was vexed daily from living in such an ungodly place

E – Employment conflict – Discouragement in our RESPONSIBILITES

  • Moses judging the Children of Israel (Exodus 18: 13-23)
    • Moses settled conflicts from morning to evening every day
    • He was worn out from his work
  • Rebuilding the temple (Ezra 4)
    • A remnant of people returned to rebuild the temple
    • Neighboring peoples tried to stop them with discouraging words and threats
  • Jacob’s wages – Genesis 28 -30
    • Laban changed Jacob’s wages multiple times
    • Laban regularly tried to cheat Jacob
  • Joseph and Potiphar’s wife – Genesis 39
    • Joseph was sold into slavery
    • His master’s wife tried to seduce him
    • Joseph was wrongfully imprisoned and then forgotten
  • Queen Esther and Haman – Esther 4
    • Esther was made queen to Ahasuerus
    • Haman wanted to kill all Jews out of spite
    • Esther had to be willing to forfeit her life to speak for her people

D – Disease, Illness, Pain, Physical Causes – Discouraging PHYSICAL PROBLEMS

  • Job – Job 2:4-8
    • Satan was allowed to take Job’s health
    • Job’s friends gave unhelpful advice
  • Paul – 1 Corinthians 12:2-8
    • Paul had a “thorn in the flesh”
    • God would not remove it