Friday’s Fave Five #34

FFF daisies

It’s Friday, time to look back over the blessings of the week with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and other friends.

I missed a couple of weeks and did not want to miss another. Technically it’s still Friday here, though I am posting this much later in the day than I usually do.

1. Goodbye ice! I’m so happy for the beautiful, beautiful weather we have been enjoying. Other than a stubborn mound of crusty snow lingering in our front yard, winter is gone and I can get out and walk around unencumbered by icy conditions. I know I counted this as a blessing a couple of weeks ago, but we had a big dump of snow right after that post, but that snow has vanished so I am once again grateful for the disappearance of snow.

2. Yummy cupcake One of my daughters treated me to a gluten free cupcake from a bakery. It was iced with a mound of strawberry buttercream icing and tasted marvelous!

3. Help for my husband My daughter has a new job, at least for a few months, as an administrative assistant for my husband. I am SO VERY grateful that she is helping him. Due to the nature of our ministries over the years my husband has never had a secretary. I helped him with some things, but the majority of things an assistant would normally take care of my hubby ended up doing. A few months ago we tracked his hours and realized he was working about 70 hours a week between the college and the church, and that without much assistance. Having someone to relieve most of the office work has been a huge blessing.

4. Deals! At the Superstore today I came across a whole rack of clothing marked down to $1.94 each. Some of the garments were beautiful and originally priced for $20 or more. Most of the pieces were infant and toddler sizes so I was able to restock my baby shower gift box with some nice things.

5. Sparkling teapots I was able to spring clean my small collection of teapots which rests atop my kitchen cabinets. My young house helper climbed up on a chair (and sometimes on the counter) to haul them all down and to clean the shelves. A good wash through the dishwasher has the teapots sparkling like new! Tea, anyone?






Friday’s Fave Five #9

FFF tulips

I waited until later in the day to post my Fave Five list until I talked with the specialist.  Good news!

1. In the queue.   I am now officially in the queue to have my hip replaced!  They will assign me a surgeon (I could have picked one if I had a preference, but my last hip replacement was done in Calgary and I don’t know any of the surgeons in Edmonton.)  The referring doctor said up to six weeks to see the  surgeon, but the receptionist sais up to twelve weeks to see him, with surgery 3 to 4 months after that.  I’m going to be praying that we can get this all done sooner rather than later.  In other news…..I will also need my left knee replaced.  This helps explain some of mobility issues from the past months. Guess I’m vying for the bionic woman award!

2. On my own.  This Monday enough ice had melted that I was able to meander out to do errands on my own.  Though I drove around only in town, it felt great to be able to be out and about without inconveniencing anyone else.

3. Two years in double ministry.  Today marks two years since Bud started serving as the Pastor of preaching and teaching at Lighthouse in addition to his responsibilities at the college.  His gifts meld perfectly with Pastor David’s gifts and the two men serve harmoniously together.

4. Spring cleaning.  I’ve begun spring cleaning with the assistance of my house helpers.  It’s satisfying to clean up and clean out!  Bonus:  one of the charities sends a truck around to pick up donations so I don’t even have to concern myself with getting the stuff to a thrift store.

5. Less pain.  This past week I have had a cold, but have experienced a significant improvement in my fibromyalgia symptoms.  It’s good to be able to say, “Today is a good day!” several days in a row.